Thinning hair is a common problem experienced by both men and women. While the exact cause of hair loss is not well understood, researchers believe this condition is closely associated with hormonal changes, family history, and certain medications and illnesses. While you can’t always prevent thinning hair, you can treat it. Avoid invasive procedures and try one of several spa treatments designed to reverse hair loss and restore volume.

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is one of the simplest treatments for thinning hair that requires no harsh chemicals or invasive procedures. During a scalp massage, pressure points on the scalp are manipulated to stimulate hair growth. Some spas apply tannic acid to the scalp to boost blood circulation and increase the health of hair follicles. Cleansing agents may also be massaged onto the skin to clean blocked hair follicles that may be discouraging hair growth.

Laser Therapy

One of the newest options for thinning hair is laser therapy. This innovative treatment helps stimulate stronger and more elastic hair growth for tresses that are healthy and resilient. Low level lasers can be used to treat thin, fine, damaged, or broken hair, as well as hair that has been repeatedly treated using chemical processing, straightening, or hair dyes.

PRP Injections

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an up-and-coming hair loss treatment that uses the body’s own cells to promote healing. The injections are prepared using the patient’s own blood. After being centrifuged, the concoction is injected into the scalp where it releases growth factors that aid in hair growth.

Hair Extensions

While hair extensions cannot make your natural hair grow or stop your hair from thinning, it can give your hair instant length and volume. Hair extensions can be made from real human hair or synthetic hair. When human hair is used, the hair can be dyed, permed, or flat ironed like your natural hair. Extensions can be glued in, braided in, woven in, or if you only want thicker hair for one night, clipped in.

Deep Conditioning

While it won’t instantly solve your thin-hair woes, a deep conditioning treatment is an effective solution for those with thinning hair caused by damage or over-processing. Deep conditioning treatments provide the hair with the moisture and nourishment it needs to become stronger, softer, and healthier.

Cut and Color

Many times the right cut and color can make a significant difference in the appearance of your hair. Create depth by dying your hair a darker color at the roots and adding subtle highlights throughout. If you have shorter hair, opt for a triangular cut with a blunt edge which can make the hair appear thicker. If you have longer hair, add shorter layers to achieve volume and movement.

You don’t have to live with your thinning hair. Restore fullness when you try one of these effective spa treatments for thinning hair.