Building a business and keeping it in the forefront of your customers’ minds is hard work! Whether you are the owner or manager of a salon or spa, a chair/booth renter or an independent contractor, one truth remains; you need clients/customers to fuel your business!

There are two kinds of customers: existing and new.

If you are blessed to have a list of returning clients, ask yourself what you are doing to keep them coming back time and time again? We often overlook the most valuable resource we have in the business; the existing client! The truth is that almost every salon/spa owner fails to fully mine the gold within its own customer list.

As an industry, we spend more money going after the new client than we do on the existing client! It’s like looking over your fence and seeing greener grass in the neighbor’s yard, instead of looking in your own backyard to see the potential and the growth all around you.

Think about the money spent towards newspaper, tv, radio, and bus ads. Those dollars are all targeted to the new client. It be easier and better use of money to increase the amount of business you do with your existing clients.

Ideas for extracting maximum value and profits from your existing clients:

Offer more products and services.

Watch out for new trends and add them to your menu. Make sure your service menu reflects the changing seasons. “Winter Lights” may be the same as “Summer Splashes” but the client see the service in a new light. Treatments in the back bar are a great add-on as well as offering your client a great service.

Make offers to them more often.

Don’t wait for Spring! Create new offers at least once a month; more often if you are creative! Each time you offer something new, someone different will see it as fresh.

Reward your most frequent visitors and the clients who spend the most money with you.

Sometimes they are not the same clients! Select the top 20% in your client base and send them a reward! It can be as simple as a coffee card or a no-charge treatment next time they are in the salon. Reward them frequently!

Create memberships with special privileges.

Make it something special that someone really wants to belong to.

Customize your offers to the individual client.

Show them that you understand their needs and tailor your offer to match that.

Stay in touch!! All the time!! And be consistent!

It takes regular communication to build a relationship! Send them information, educate them and even offer fun events; it doesn’t always have to be about money!

Create and sell continuity programs that provide regular cash flow.

For example, like an annual extension service, a color club, or an cutting/styling service.

Sell, sell, sell! Educate, educate, educate!

Your retail products are mostly consumables and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Remember that the more retail products your client buys from you, the higher the loyalty percentage is.

Create a niche for yourself.

Offer you services in a way that is completely different from your competitors in the area. Make your business the “go-to” location for a particular service.

Put out client surveys on a regular basis.

If you don’t know what your client wants, how do you make them offers that they will want to purchase?

Phew! That’s a heck of a list! Let’s make the most out of the clients/customers we already have! You can see from the list that you can be exceptionally creative with your ideas. There is no end to what you can create for your clients. Have fun!