Have you ever felt your stomach clench or your lower lip start to purse when someone suggests something that’s outside your comfort zone? Have you ever wondered about the childhood messages repeated over and over that become your history and belief. They are often irrational ideas that have been secured in your brain through repetition.

We develop these limited beliefs from the ongoing messages throughout life, whether consciously or unconsciously. And they either hold us back or drive us forward. One of the most common belief is, “I’m not good enough!” which often carries over into adulthood. Relationships are one of the great events that shape our belief system. In your early dating years, a bad break up might lead you to conclude that love hurts and is a cause of suffering.also

Pessimistic beliefs holds people back

Hate is a learned skill not something with which we are born with. It also shapes and determines our beliefs and will hold us back in many areas of our lives, both personal and professional. Here are some of the common beliefs that hold people back:

  • I’m not important
  • Making money is a struggle
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I am too young, people won’t take me seriously
  • I am too old, it’s too late to start…
  • I am a hard worker. I work hard for money.
  • Good looking men/women are unfaithful or unkind.
  • I do not deserve a loving relationship.
  • I have to work hard to be successful, working without rest or having a social life.
  • I am not attractive enough. I do not deserve or am not able to find someone I am attracted to.

Your views affect you

Think about the judgement you have made about someone or something based on the misinformation you have stored in your brain! Beliefs are the lens through which you view the world and they are the process that we measure the information that we receive every day. Your beliefs will:

  1. Influence your perceptions
  2. Define for you what is good, bad, true, real and possible
  3. Skew your perspective in positive or negative ways
  4. Direct and/or limit the actions you take
  5. Shape your character
  6. Affect your relationships
  7. Establish a specific course you will follow
  8. Determine your health
  9. Harness or hijack your passion
  10. Lower or raise your level of happiness

Take some time to take a look at the beliefs that have shaped your life

As a salesperson calling on businesses every day, I have encountered numerous belief systems in action! When introducing something new to someone, you can visually see the reaction to change.

It is interesting and rather scary to watch the fear in someone’s eyes when forced to make a decision about something that might challenge their beliefs or step outside their comfort zone. It has always surprised me that something that might make a difference to the end consumer has been held back because of one person’s determination NOT to change!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which belief keeps you in fear?
  • What keeps you from taking action?
  • What stops you from gaining success?
  • What stops you from taking pleasure in life?
  • Which beliefs make you feel powerful?
  • Which belief helps you?
  • Which belief serves your cause?
  • Which belief aids you in expressing yourself?
  • Which belief leads you to happiness?

Our beliefs often help us, by causing us less pain. But there comes a time when we must recognize that a certain belief is no longer valid or no longer serves its purpose and that is the time to let it go. Take that belief out of its corner, look it in the face, be grateful for its place in your life and then send it on its way! Yes, some of this might sound like mental/emotional mumbo-jumbo, but damn it, it works!

Here’s to live a life without restraint, judgement, fear, and limits!!