Ethiopia has been experiencing a rising disposable income and with it comes an increased interest in the beauty industry. The Ethiopian beauty market is one to watch!

Honey Kiss Cleanser


For a homemade honey cleanser experience, simply add two tablespoons of dark organic honey to the face following by warm water so it can be worked into a lather. Once you have treated your whole face, simply rinse off and pat dry. Loaded with vitamins, and nutrients, although this may have originated in Ethiopia, it has since become a well-known fact that honey can promote lasting hydration, remove scars, treat acne, and much more.

Baobab Oil

On the flip side, baobab oil is from the seeds of the fruit of the baobab tree. A tree that grows in Ethiopia and other nearby African countries, the fruit of the baobab tree is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and F, which makes it great for improving the elasticity of the skin while reversing and healing damaged skin. Fairly inexpensive, this oil from the baobab tree is certainly something you should try before you knock it.

Magic Avocado Mask

Lastly, by combining one avocado (peel included) with one well chopped/ peeled tomato, you can create a face mask delicious enough to eat. However, by applying it to the skin and allowing it to sit for 30 minutes, this remedy can cleanse the pores and nourish the skin thusly promoting healthy new skin cells, bereft of free radical damage. Despite having its roots in Ethiopia, this is a remedy is widely used due to the fact that avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

Always consult your physician before you try new beauty tips. However, these come highly recommended from an amazing ancient culture so unless you have a medical issue not to, they are certainly worth the effort.