When your roots are starting to grow out or you’re bored with your current style, it’s time for a trip to the hairdresser. In order to have a good trip, it’s important you properly prepare. Your hairdresser is only going to be able to make you happy if he or she is on the same page as you. Here are 4 tips for preparing for a hair appointment.

Come With Ideas

Pictures are helpful to show your hairdresser what you are thinking, but bring more than one. Try to choose images of hair types that are similar to yours. If you choose a hair style on a different hair type, you will be disappointed with the results in your own hair.

Don’t Be Dramatic

If you want to change to a drastically lighter color, be patient. Often times, changing something lighter is going to take several treatments. Consider finding a stepping stone color to lighten your hair a few shades instead of across spectrum. Keep this lightening process in mind if you are planning to go drastically darker as well.

Know the Difference Between a Cut and a Style

Just because you look great after your appointment doesn’t mean you are going to be able to keep up with your new style. You want to work with a great hairdresser that knows how to really cut hair. A good hairstylist can make hair look great for the day, like for a special occasion, but may not have a workable solution for the long term. Along the same lines, choose a hair style that you can keep up with! If you aren’t one to curl your hair, don’t pick a style that need to be curled to stay looking nice.


Don’t Talk Inches

Hairdressers and their clients are often on different pages when it comes to length – especially if you are going for a dramatically shorter look or trying to grow out your hair and only want a trim. Show your hairdresser with your hands where you want your hair to fall in order to keep things clear.