The pigmentation or melanin grouping on your face that grows more prominent with increased sun exposure is more commonly referred to as simply freckles. Some people are born with more melanin in their skin than others. When individuals have less melanin, they have a lighter skin complexion overall. Under sun exposure, freckles develop instead a suntan. For many, they’re are either one of your favorite characteristics or perhaps something you have always tried to hide.

For years, freckles took a back seat in the beauty industry. Because flawlessness has dominated much of the beauty industry for years, many with freckles were on a persistent and often fruitless search to find new ways to hide them. Not anymore! Today, you can and should embrace your freckles.

They Imply Youth

Freckles and childhood seem to go hand-in-hand. Perhaps it’s because children spend more time outdoors and thus tend to have more pronounced freckles. Also, freckles tend to fade with age. Therefore, when you have freckles, your face appears more youthful. Why wouldn’t that be a good thing? After all, many will spend hundreds of dollars to appear younger than their age. Why not embrace your natural fountain of youth in the form of your freckles? According to a Vogue article that was quoting Marie-Louise Sciò, who spent her childhood hanging out at her father’s fabulous Tuscany hotel, “There’s something playful, young, and joyous in them.” Them, of course, being freckles. She bears witness to the phenomenon of freckles and how they exude youth.

They Set You Apart

Another reason you should embrace your freckles and stop trying to make them go away is the fact that they give you a little something extra. Because your face is graced with these beauty spots, people will remember you over someone else whose looks are pretty average. As a child, you likely wished you could make your freckles go away like Jan Brady attempted in the “Not So Ugly Duckling” episode of the Brady Bunch Show. (In this episode, Jan wants to get a boy’s attention and believes her freckles are what’s standing in her way. She attempts to erase them using lemon juice.) As a freckled child, Jan reacted normally.

As anyone who had to live as a child with freckles remembers, you simply wanted to look like every other child. Your desire was a “flawless” face. However, as an adult, you should be proud of and embrace your differences. Happily show off those freckles, because they are part of what makes you stand out. Remember, “A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.”

Whether you have always loved your freckles or are just now beginning to embrace them, it’s important to accept yourself as you are. Admittedly, there is no harm in trying to improve your appearance or body. Before trying to do away with your freckles, though, consider why you might want to embrace them instead, such as the reasons listed above.