Unicorn hair with brightly colored strands is all the rage for summer, but some other color trends are shifting into center stage as the season progresses. Bold shades of blue, purple and fuchsia are slowly being replaced by more subdued color — or in some cases, a distinct lack of color at all. Both platinum and grey lack traditional hue, but are making appearances on runways and in magazines — and even on your favorite celebrities. From soft, romantic rose gold to the blonde buzz cut, here’s what to look for in hair trends this year

Rose Gold

Somewhere between blonde and brunette with warm pink tones, this romantic take on creative color is pushing bright and brash unicorn hair to the side in 2017. Soft, touchable and utterly stunning shades of pink ranging from sophisticated rose to playful cotton candy, this trend is showing up in the workplace, in the classroom and on the go this year.


Whether you dye it intentionally for a timeless look or work with what you have naturally, gray hair is no longer seen as a problem. In 2017, shades of grey from almost white to tinted pink, lavender and blue elevate this once-horrifying hair color to a high style, proactive approach to color. Grey can be done all over, in stripes or streaks or even using an engineered dip-dye approach to add drama and texture.

Hidden Rainbow

For those who love the striking color of unicorn hair, but still need to look conservative for the workplace, hidden punches of color provide the best of both worlds. Secret rainbow hair is only revealed when the wearer wants to show it off, providing flexibility and style; look for this targeted color to continue to surge in popularity in 2017.

The Blonde Buzz

Super short, buzzed hair in shades of platinum is trending in summer 2017 as celebrities embrace the cool comfort of this striking trend. The buzzed cut lets facial features take center stage, while the classic platinum shades ensure the look is still feminine.

No matter which trend you embrace, a professional stylist is your best bet for getting the results you want and a long lasting, healthy look.