As summer becomes nothing more than some amazing memories and fading tan lines, it’s time to start contemplating your fall and winter look. Read below to learn the upcoming hair trends you can expect to see this fall and winter seasons according to Vogue and

Braids Are Back

Antonio Marrac, a hair stylist for high-end models, utilized braids in many variations for several autumn and winter themed fashion shows. Braids are a fantastic way to add texture and interest to a look. Although they look intricate and complicated, most braids are easy enough to duplicate yourself. However, if you are wanting a particularly impressive braid or one that is more formal in nature, a trip to the salon is likely in order. Tribal tresses or the dreadlock look were also seen at Balmain, Andrew GN and Saint Laurent shows.

Natural Hair is In

According to Vogue, hair that is free flowing, simply styled and in natural lengths are trending this season. This means hair is left down, styled by hand with water only. To pull this look off, your hair needs to be especially healthy, though. Your stylist will able to advise you how to improve the overall health of your hair after the heat of the summer.

Beach Waves Remain

Although trips to the ocean are in the past, you can keep your beach hair. Nina Ricci, Fendi and Dior, among others were all runways featuring models with beach waves. You might also describe this look as a natural or loose wave. Contrast it with the tight curls to get a visual. Many people can achieve this look by simply letting their hair air dry and adding some product to encourage curl, while others have to cheat a little and actually create their “natural” curl with a big barrel curling iron.

Bobs Are Back

As if they ever really left, bobs are officially back once again. This year, they are more apt to be short, brushing along the ear lobes.  This length is edgy and creates a youthful look.

Headbands Are Here Again

This retro accessory is making a comeback once again. You can wear a fur or crystal-encrusted headband or on that is more sporty in nature. Really, anything goes as long as it enhances your hair.

The above hair trends have all been spotted on this year’s winter and autumn fashion runways. You will most assuredly see them everywhere once autumn and winter arrive. Talk to your stylist about ways to implement these trends in your fall/winter look.