Your hairdresser does more than just give you the latest style or update your color. They take the time to examine your hair and scalp as they work and often gain insight onto your health, habits and life while they do so. From discovering you tried to cut your own hair to spotting the early signs of skin cancer, here are just a few things your stylist can tell about you, just by looking at your hair:

You Tried to DIY

We’ve all been there – a little cut here, a little cut there, and suddenly there’s more hair on the floor than on your head, and it still isn’t even. Your stylist can tell if you’ve done a DIY, even if it’s been a few weeks. When you cut your own hair, you likely just grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped bluntly across the ends – the lack of layers and precision is clear to your stylist. It is not a big deal at all – but your hairdresser can tell if you tried to cut your own locks.

Your Kid has Lice

It happens every September – parents show up with kids in tow asking for short cuts; once the stylist takes a peek, the nits become obvious and the family gets sent home. According to Reader’s Digest, this happens annually, as kids return to school and pick up all kind of germs and even parasites from one another.  Professional attention won’t clear the problem up on its own —  and your stylist can spot nits and eggs right away. Instead of making an appointment and hoping for the best, get the lice under control first, then come in for a trim if you truly need one.


You are Pregnant – or Menopausal

Both pregnancy and menopause cause significant hormonal changes to your hair. If your hair is brittle, dry and refuses to cooperate, but doesn’t seem over processed, the problem is likely hormonal, and your stylist can make an educated guess about your pending new arrival.

You Have a Medical Issue

Your stylist does more than just fix your hair, they also examine your scalp. If you’ve been pulling your hair or scratching your head (both common signs of stress), your hairdresser can tell. According to WebMD, hairdressers are even a powerful weapon in the fight against skin cancer, since they get an up-close look at parts of your head you can’t see on your own.


Your hairdresser is an ally in more ways than one and your hair may be providing them with insight and information – whether you realize it or not. Fortunately, your stylist will only use his or her powers of observation for good – and to give you a fresh new look you’ll love, regardless of the other issues you may be struggling with.