If you’ve been simply buying hairbrushes based on their price or the way they look, it’s time to change the way you think about your hairbrush. You use your hairbrush everyday. This tool can have a dramatic impact on your hair. Here’s a guide to the best hairbrush for your hair type.

Very Thick Hair

If your hair is super thick, a synthetic bristle brush works great. Synthetic bristles are usually made from nylon, which makes stiff bristles that will be able to really get through thicker strands. Another benefit to synthetic bristle brushes is that they don’t create static when you use them.

Fine, Delicate Hair

If your hair is thin, fine and delicate, opt for a natural bristle brush. Sometimes made with boar’s hair bristles, these brushes are a little more pricey than some other hairbrushes, but the extra cost is worth it. Natural bristle brushes are easier and gentler on fine hair, and they won’t tug and damage delicate locks.

Dry Hair

If you suffer from dry hair and scalp, a natural bristle brush is perfect for you, too. These hairbrushes reach the scalp, and help to distribute natural oils along hair strands.

Oily Hair

Does it seem like your hair could always do with a good wash? Then a vent brush would work well. Vent brushes are designed to work in tandem with blow dryers, but they are also good for styling oily hair because they don’t distribute oil from the scalp like some other hairbrushes.

Curly Hair

If your hair is medium or very curly, a mixed bristle brush is a good tool to try. Mixed bristle hairbrushes combine natural and synthetic bristles in one hairbrush that will help detangle as well as style those unruly curls.

Remember, no matter which kind of hairbrush you use, never brush wet hair, and always keep your hairbrush as clean as possible. Even if you have the best hairbrush, if you don’t clean it regularly, you’ll be distributing oil, dust and dirt every time you brush.  If your hair isn’t behaving the way you would like, it’s possible that the cause is your hairbrush. Consider one of these options to fit better with your type of hair.