We all love a good visit to the tropics, but you know what doesn’t tend to appreciate all that sand and surf? Your hair. Unless you have naturally long and beachy locks, chances are your hair won’t respond well to the wind and humidity so common on vacation. So what can you do about it? Here are a number of tips to try.

Cool It on the Shampoo

Shampoo strips natural oils from your hair, causing your sebaceous glands to produce even more oil in reaction. In the meantime, you remove it from the ends, where new oil can’t reach. The result? An oily scalp and dry ends = major frizz. Instead, shampoo at a maximum of every two days … and up to a week in between. You can rinse with water every day, and condition where necessary.

Minimize Use of Heat Tools

In tropical climates, heat tools are pretty much useless. The minute you finish straightening the baby curls at your temples, they pop right back out again. Straightened hair that’s been exposed to humidity, however, tends to look even frizzier than your natural wave, so for now, skip it and just let it air dry.

Use a Smoothing Serum

Nothing keeps flyaways under control like serums. Use a heavier serum than you would in temperate climes, squirting onto your finger tips and rubbing it around before smoothing onto the top of your head and the ends of your hair. Wriggle your fingers under the tops layers of hair as well to catch the baby hairs that will emerge when the wind blows.

Think Long-Term

If you want a more permanent solution, try a Brazilian Blowout before you leave. This relatively new treatment has been taking the world by storm, and for good reason. It makes your hair smooth, soft and frizz-free for months … all without heat tools or additional products. Since it takes a few hours (think the length of time required for a dye job), call your salon to schedule it well ahead of time.

These tricks won’t necessarily guarantee perfect hair every time, but they’ll give you a major leg up on controlling your locks before your plane even lands. Try them today!