As a modern woman of today, you likely don’t worry about the etiquette rules of old. After all, common rules, like not wearing white shoes after Labor Day or having to wear pantyhose with a skirt or dress in an office setting, are no longer applicable or followed. However, when it comes to your hairstyle, there are still guidelines you should follow when it comes to how to wear your hair in your 20s, 30s and beyond. However, don’t look at them as “rules” you have to adhere to, instead consider them tips to follow to look your best during each decade of your life:

Hairstyles For Your 20s

Do: Your 20s is the decade for experimentation when it comes to your hairstyle. If you have ever considered going crazy with color, now’s the time. Also, especially trendy styles like super short pixies or other edgy styles are best attempted in this decade.  Since your face is still relatively free of lines and other signs of aging, you can pull off virtually any look. This is because you don’t have to hide anything with your hair or worry about not being able to “pull off” an extreme look. So, this is the decade to try it all!

Don’t: The only hairstyle mistake you should avoid in your 20s is being too conservative. Of course, you should keep your face shape and your personal preferences in mind when choosing a hairstyle. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself during this decade.

Hairstyles For Your 30s And Beyond

Do: In your 30s, you can still pull off longer hairstyles. Try adding layers for an added bit of visual interest. In addition, shoulder length hair is especially flattering on you as a woman in her 30s. In this decade, it’s especially important to pay attention to your facial shape and what cuts and styles flatter you and to stick with those. If you want to be adventurous, try temporary highlights of a bold color.

Don’t: According to Total Beauty, once you hit your 30s you should no longer attempt just any look that’s trending. For example, the severe librarian buns that were all the rage weren’t that flattering, so women who were in their 30s and beyond should’ve avoided trying to pull off that look. Also, always avoid harsh, nonnatural color after the age of 30.

The above tips will help you navigate the world of hair in your 20s, 30s and beyond. If you still aren’t sure about what would suit you best, ask your stylist for recommendations.