Look to the fall 2017 fashion shows and you’ll find the models are not just stomping down the runway in amazing clothes, but also in killer nails. Some of the fall nail art styles are out of this world and really only practical in the realm of high-end fashion (like scary long claws) but most of the trends are wearable for everyday fashion and even the envelope-pushing styles can be adapted for the real world.

Fashion-Forward Fall Manicure

If you are ready to go full fashion-forward with your fall manicure, go bold with bling. Draw inspiration from the 70s and get a manicure with metallic nail polish and glittery disco ball appliques. To wear this trend toned down, ask for the appliques on a single accent nail on each hand. Bold 70s colors are also on trend. Ask for rainbow color block tips, and if you really want your nails to make a statement, add tassels, feathers or beads.

Office-Friendly Fall Manicure

Some jobs aren’t going to let tassels and rainbow colors fly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the latest looks for an office-friendly fall manicure. In fact, nudes and neutrals are right on trend this season. To punch up your manicure with some work-appropriate nail art, ask for a black or glitter outline around a neutral base. If you love a French mani, go for black or neutral gray tips instead of white. And if your job is OK with a little sparkle, a smattering of gemstone appliques just below the cuticles instead of at the tips is what’s new and hot for fall.

Short Nail Styles

Since short nails have less real estate available for nail art, choose styles that provide an elongated look. Just as pinstripe pants help short women appear taller, the trend of a single vertical line in the middle of each nail gives the appearance of length. Long triangles create the same effect and can tie into the color block trend. When blank space is left between the lines, horizontal and chevron stripes look fabulous on short nails. If you have extra short nails, instead of filling the space with art, ask the nail technician to paint each nail in a slightly different shade from the same color family for a cool ombre effect.