Thick hair is the envy of women who don’t have it, but often the bane of those who do. These difficult tresses often end up being worn in a ponytail just because the owner doesn’t know how else to cope. If that’s you, never fear: with the right haircut, your mane can become a lot more versatile. If your hair often seems like a wild animal you just can’t tame, let’s talk a few strategies to transform it into the smooth, fun locks you’ve been waiting for.


Bangs do wonders for thick hair. For one thing, they frame your face better, so that instead of two huge curtains on either side, you have a style that wraps around more. This is perfect for oval or square faces that tend to look stretched out with just a middle part and hair on either side. Plus, when you cut bangs, you remove a significant amount from the overall mass, so they pull double duty.


Layering is the classic technique to make thick hair more manageable. Whether you’re going for a shoulder-length style or a mid-back coiffure, layers can take some of that square heaviness out of especially thick or coarse hair.

Long Length

When you have thick hair, length is your friend. While it’s tempting to chop in response to the frustrating weight, don’t do it. Long hair performs many services for you. It weighs down troublesome curls, gives your hair a smoother shape (no one likes the blunt thick-hair triangle bob, right?) and pulls annoying body out for a sleeker look overall.


If longer length and layering aren’t enough to weigh hair down and calm that body, try thinning shears. These are specially made to cut right through sections of hair to thin it without creating the chopping look that happens when you try to thin with regular scissors.

Don’t spend any more time hating on your thick hair. Instead, ring your stylist, explain what you need and make an appointment. They can tailor the plan even more carefully to your hair type and needs, and before you know it, you’ll love your locks again.