When is the last time you thought about the way you use your hair conditioner? If you’re like most people, it was probably not long after you graduated from using “No More Tears.” Once you read the directions on the back of a bottle of hair conditioner the first few times, you’re all set, right? After all, it’s not rocket science. You put a dime-sized dollop in your hand, slather it on, rinse, and go. Not so fast. Here are the issues that can arise when you misuse hair conditioner, as well as the right way to do it.

You’re Using Too Much


Christopher Campbell

Over time, that dime-sized dollop has ballooned into a quarter-sized dollop or maybe even a half-dollar size. In the case of hair conditioner, a little goes a long way. Unless you’re rocking Rapunzel locks, it’s likely that you really need to dial back the amount of conditioner you’re piling on your head in the shower.

When you use too much conditioner, what happens is that you end up coating your hair strands, and it’s much harder to rinse out. Ultimately, the conditioner ends up attracting debris from the environment, making your hair dirtier, sooner. Then you have to wash it more often to get rid of the debris, use too much conditioner again, and the vicious cycle continues. Ever wonder why your hair gets so dirty? The conditioner might be too blame if you’re using too much of it.

You’re Blocking Your Hair Follicles

Your hair grows out of follicles that are similar to the pores in your skin. These follicles need nourishment and oxygen in order to retain healthy function. The problem happens when you slather on all that conditioner into your scalp and fail to rinse it all off. The hair follicles are literally smothered beneath the viscous layer of conditioner. They get blocked and stop functioning properly. This can result in thinning hair, hair fallout or hair that just doesn’t seem to grow as fast as it should.

The Right Way to Use Hair Conditioner

First, use less of it. Dispense only a dime-sized dollop and rub it between your palms. Run your hands gently down your hair strands, starting from about midway down. Your objective is to condition the ends, not the scalp. Let the conditioner get absorbed for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cool water.

George Bohunicky

Hair conditioner can be really beneficial, but only when you’re using it the right way, and not using too much, or coating your scalp with it. After just a few times of adjusting the way you use it, you’ll notice improvement.