Suffering for beauty is not a new thing. For centuries women have been doing terrible things to their skin and bodies all in the name of beauty. While it is widely believed that many of these beauty trends are no longer in practice, there are still some that are rather alarming. Are you partaking in any of these dangerous skincare trends?

Mercury in Your Skin Cream

Bottom line here, beware when purchasing skincare products from import stores. The FDA identified a lengthy list of products from these sources that included mercury. Most of these are skin lightening creams, but a few had other purposes. Before purchasing, check the label for mercury but be aware that it can also be listed under other names including calomel, mercurio, mercurous chloride, or mercuric.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is usually considered to be a more natural, better makeup that is better for your skin, but an ingredient in some brands cause concerns. Mica and several other minerals are common ingredients which aren’t bad, but it’s particles can become airborne and inhaled, resulting in lung damage. On construction sites, workers who use products like Spackle that contain mica wear masks to avoid breathing in the particles. While there are no formal warnings yet, it is worth keep an eye on the ingredients list and how you use the product.

Arsenic as an Impurity of some Skincare Ingredients

Arsenic is a toxic carcinogen linked to cancer and other serious health issues. It’s something you don’t want near you, but it could be lurking in your skincare products as an impurity of other ingredients. The ingredients hydrogenated cottonseed glyceride, polyvinyl acetate, hydrogenated cotton seed oil, octenylsuccinate, and aluminum starch may contain arsenic as an impurity.

Failure to Read the Labels on Your Beauty Products

Did you know that you absorb as much as 60 percent of what you put on your skin? It’s true and what you don’t know could make you very sick and even kill you. Benzoyl peroxide, FD&C color and pigments, sodium lauryl sulfate and other toxic substances may be lurking in your beauty products and you won’t even know it if you don’t read labels. This infographic provides a great list of toxic compounds found in beauty products.