Chances are you’ve already heard of the wonders of keratin treatments. This salon sanity-saver transforms frizzy, fluffy hair to smooth, easy-to-dry locks for the next two to three months. If you’re tired of dealing with tangled locks and humidity frizz, and sick of spending an hour perfecting your hairdo only to have it explode when you step outside, it’s time for a keratin treatment.

While your aesthetician will do the heavy lifting when it comes to the treatment, though you must do your part by preparing for it correctly ahead of time. If you want the best chance of a good result, here’s what to do.

Deep Condition the Week Before

You want your hair to be as natural as possible before the treatment, but have a solid base from which to work. That means sealed cuticles and healthy strands. You can protect your hair by doing a deep condition the week before your treatment. This doesn’t mean buying a fancy DIY treatment from the store, but rather steaming your hair for 10 minutes in the shower before conditioning, then letting it sit for 10 minutes for rinsing out.

Avoid Harsh Treatments in the Week Leading Up

In the week leading up to your treatment, avoid harsh stripping shampoos. Shampoos labeled “clarifying” should also be avoided, since those perform the same stripping action, even if they are less harsh and don’t create the same “squeaky clean” effect. You should also hold off on any home remedies you may perform, such as vinegar soaks to remove buildup – and should probably talk to a salon professional before using these remedies in the first place.

Avoid Conditioners Two Days Before

Avoid conditioners two days before your treatment, as they may block the keratin treatment somewhat and make it less effective. You should also steer clear of oils of any kind, and any heavy products that build up on your hair, such as wax. The goal is to keep hair as natural as possible right up until the moment the treatment is performed.

If you follow these steps in the days leading up to your treatment, you will love the results. Get ready for smooth, frizz-free hair all year round.