Mermaid hair is the ultimate in long wavy tresses that look impossible to attain. It’s that look of hair that’s wild; that’s been growing in the magical underworld of the sea for as long as time existed. This look actually is nearly impossible to achieve on your own. The intricate styling of mermaid hair requires the expert hands of a professional hairstylist. There are several different variations of this exotic look, and they’re all fun to experiment and play around with, depending on the occasion. Here are two mermaid hair ideas to ask your hairstylist to do.

The Mermaid Reverse French Braid

Even mermaids need to control their flowing locks every now and again. The Mermaid Braid is one of those practical ways. With the Mermaid Braid, the hair is twisted into a reverse French braid instead of the traditional French braid. The effect is just unusual enough that people will take notice, but not so different that you can’t wear it to formal venues.

Midnight Mermaid Hair

At midnight, mermaid hair glistens with a combination of the light of the moon and the iridescence of beds of pearls and coral reefs beneath the sea. This stunning look can be achieved by your talented hair stylist by using the popular ombre hair painting technique and metallic blues and greens coloring hues. You can go all out and have the whole bottom half of your hair in the metallic hues, or your stylist can weave in the standout colors throughout your strands from the midway point and then down to the ends. It all depends on how glamorous you want your Midnight Mermaid Hair to be.

Mermaid hair is perfect for weddings, birthdays, Halloween, and other fun events where creativity and beauty are welcomed. And the best thing about mermaid hair is you don’t have to be constrained with your natural head of hair. Your stylist can provide falls, extensions and full-on wigs to get that full, luscious look of a full-fledged mermaid!