As summer ends and fall approaches, so too must your beauty regimen adjust to the changing temperatures and environment. Beauty trends come and go, but here are the latest fall beauty trends to get into now, while you still have time to experiment with details.

The Warm, Smoky Eye

Caramel, russet and copper shades evoke feelings of cool fall evenings spent on the porch with a pumpkin spice latte. These colors are attractive on almost any colored eye, which makes it the go-to combination for a fall beauty trend.

Glimmery Primers

Highlights aren’t just for cheekbones. For the ultimate fall beauty trend, press lightweight shimmery primer into your brow bone for a sheen that seems to emanate from within. Follow with a light dusting of shadow to evoke a depth of color.

Gem-Colored Hues

Jewel tones make your eyes the focal point of attention. For the biggest impact, opt for metallic gem toned hues that contrast with your iris color. For example, choose amber to offset hazel eyes, or dark purple to offset blue eyes. Warning, though. If you’re going all out on the eyes, play it low key with the rest of your makeup, especially the lips.

Nude Lips

Nude lips are all the rage for fall. Of course, you don’t actually have to go au natural to get this look. Protect lips from cooler temps with combo lip tinted lip protectors from Burt’s Bees and other brands. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your lips are protected while still exhibiting that “barely there” color that aligns with fall beauty trends.

It’s fun to follow trends, and these latest fall beauty trends are the most fashion forward of all.