Enhancing beauty in youth is simple; however, as we age, challenges arise. Fine lines and wrinkles are not the only problem women who are 40 years old and beyond must contend with: Other issues include thinning lips, blue hues beneath the eyes and an unsteady hand. Not to worry! The tips below are designed to help you address imperfections, choose the perfect foundation and ensure your makeup lasts all day.

1. Choose Your Foundation with the ‘Neck Test’

Many women apply foundation to their wrist or hold the bottle up to their face in an attempt to determine which color suits their complexion best; however, neither of these tactics work as well as the ‘Neck Test’ does. Performing the neck test is simple, just apply the foundation of choice directly on your jawline and down a portion of your neck. You should try at least three shades, applying them side-by-side. Choose the one that matches your complexion best.

2. Use Tape to Apply Your Eyeliner

If you are interested in creating a winged eyeliner look, unsteady hands are not ideal. Therefore, consider using a piece of scotch tape as a guide. Make sure the tape is not very sticky, close your eye and place the tape slightly angled off your upper eyelid (at the eyelash line). Carefully create the line. Even if your line is not perfect, just pull the tape off. The tape should have taken most of the excess eyeliner with it; however, if there is some left, just use a dampened Q-Tip to perfect the look.

3. Enhance Thin Lips with Lip Liner

For some women, they have been cursed with thin lips and, as she ages, she will see more thinning. To add a bit of volume, try using a sharp-tipped lip liner in a shade that is similar to your natural lip color to trace around your lips. Half of the line should be outside of your lips and the other half should be within the lip: It is this technique that makes the lips look more luscious.

4. Wear Long-Lasting Makeup

Life is busy, which is why it can be difficult to continuously ‘touch up’ your makeup throughout the day. Instead of going out of your way to ‘powder your nose,’ try this trick: Apply your foundation and then your concealer as you normally would. Now, apply a thick layer of powder to your face and place your face into a bowl of ice water for about 30 seconds (or as long as you can). Pat your face dry and apply the rest of your makeup. Besides waking you up, the ice water sets your face so you no longer have to ‘powder your nose’ periodically throughout your busy day.

5. Apply Peach Concealer

Blue hues beneath the eyes make an individual appear tired. This can be addressed with concealer: For the majority of women, peach concealer is the answer. Once applied, allow the peach concealer to dry and then use your usual concealer color on top.