All Hallows’ Eve, more commonly known as simply Halloween is the perfect excuse to step outside yourself and become someone else. For one night, you can wear something you wouldn’t normally wear and act in a way you wouldn’t dream of any other day of the year and no one bats an eye. This, of course, also includes your hairstyle choice. Check out the following ideas for spooky, fun hairstyles you will “die” to try this “night of the dead”: (All hairstyles are curtsey of BRIT+CO, LiveAbout and POPSUGAR)

Creepy Zombie, Insane Asylum Hair

Whether you are dressed as one of the undead, or an escaped asylum patient, this hairstyle works nicely. To achieve this look, curl hair either with a curling iron or curlers. Be sure to keep the hair on your crown straight. In fact, add mousse or flatten hair on the crown to exaggerate the look. Add bobby pins to your crown to keep flat hair in place. Once you get hair curled, tease it so it isn’t in neat curls. The idea is to create a disheveled look. You can achieve a similar look using a crimping tool. Don’t flatten the crown with this style. Instead, go crazy with the volumizer, crimping tool and teasing. This look works well for a “bride of Frankenstein” or vampire costume.

Amazing Braids

Combine wires and braids and you can achieve some crazy looks this Halloween. For example, you can achieve a Pippi Longstocking look by braiding your pigtailed hair around some wires. Add ribbons and you are good to go. If your hair has a lot of length to work with, you can ask your hairstylist to give you a perfect princess braid. Now you’re ready for the ball!

Beehive Hair

This bouffant style yields itself to a wide variety of costume options. You can dress as Amy Winehouse, Snooki from the “Jersey Shore” or a woman from the 60s just to name a few. Don’t damage your hair achieving this look, though. There is no need to rip and tear hair or backcomb. Instead of forcing volume from your hair with teasing or backcombing, use a bath loofah. Here is an excellent tutorial by the Freckled Fox on how to achieve this look.


Rainbow Hair


Go crazy with color this Halloween. Try several temporary colors to create a rainbow effect or choose one bold color to try. (Ask your salon for temporary color recommendations and consider letting a professional do the work). My Little Pony or Rainbow Brite costumes are great examples of pairings for rainbow hair! With all the experimental colors sweeping the internet, rainbow hair is most definitely appropriate after Halloween.