Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to dress up your locks in a fall-appropriate fashion. But how? Well, here’s one idea: Put some headbands into the rotation. If you’re not quite sure how to proceed, that’s okay. Try these five ideas.

1. With a Braid

Braids are adorable any time of year, and a headband just takes them to the next level. Pro tip: Put the headband in first, leaving a few locks of hair in front of the band, then braid your hair up once it’s in place. It looks much more natural that way.

2. With A Sporty Updo

Wearing a sportier headband or scarf-as-headband is a perfect effect for an I-couldn’t-be-bothered updo. Whether you just tug every strand into a tight ponytail or go for the effortless messy bun, this is a great way to turn lazy into statement.

3. With Curls

Nothing looks as adorable as loose curls swept back by a headband. Style your hair at least 30 minutes before putting the headband in to give the curls time to relax and set. That way, when you sweep them back, the effect will be much more natural. Also, if you decide to take it out later (maybe because it’s pinching your ears), you won’t be left with a super-obvious line where the headband set into your hair.

4. With Casual Hair

Whether you opt for a simple straightened style or grab your last chance for beachy locks before winter sets in, a thicker headband with laid-back hair is always a good look. You can either go for the full-on sweatband (you know, the cute kind), or choose a thicker cloth-covered hairband.

5. With Another Headband

No, the double headband style is not dead! For anyone over the age of 15, however, this must be approached carefully. Choose two slim headbands of the same color – for instance, two metal wire hairbands or two skinny plastic black headbands – and place them close to one another, but about an inch apart. Violà! Effortless chic.

Once you do a bit of experimenting, dressing up your hairdo will be as simple as reaching for your favorite hairband and going on your way. Happy fall!