The makeup products that we use every day are designed with skin care in mind; however, the makeups we use on Halloween are not. For this reason, removing that amazing Zombie face you created can be a challenge. The goal is to remove the makeup without clogging your pores or irritating your skin. The tips below will help you safely remove your work of art, allowing your natural beauty to resurface.

1. Remove Any Embellishments

Anything that you had to glue on should be removed first. If you glued them on with a latex-based lash glue, they will most likely come off easily; however, if you used something stronger (spirit gum), you will need to work a bit harder. You should never try to remove these items using your fingernails, you could easily scratch your skin in the process: Instead, dip a cotton swab in a remover designed for this purpose. Gently work around the edges of the embellishments until they come off.

2. Use an Oil-Based Cleanser to Soften the Makeup

Halloween makeup contains a variety of waxes, oils, silicones and pigments. These ingredients ensure that the makeup lasts longer than the everyday varieties do. However, this also means that your usual facial wash will not be able to dissolve these products. You can use an oil-based cleanser to soften the makeup prior to removing it. Your hands and face should both be dry when applying the oil-based remover: Gently massage the remover onto your face, making sure you apply it over your entire face, as well as over your lips and eyes. Follow the manufacturer’s directions in relation to how long you should leave the oil-based cleanser on, and the preferred method of removal.

3. Use a Dampened Microfiber Makeup Remover

Once the oil-based cleanser if removed, dampen a microfiber makeup remover and gently wipe it across your face: It should easily remove any remaining pigment.

4. Take Advantage of Bi-Phase Pre-Cleansers

A bi-phase pre-cleanser can be used daily before applying your makeup. In addition, these cleansers are ideal for removing the heavy makeup used on Halloween. There are various kinds of bi-phase pre-cleansers, some require a single step; whereas, others require two.

5. Moisturize

Once you have completed removing all of your embellishments and makeup, remember to moisturize your face. Moisturizing your face after makeup removal helps reduce the likelihood that you will experience skin irritation.

As you are purchasing your Halloween adhesives and prosthetics, remember to purchase the correct adhesive remover at the same time. Also, stock up on gauze pads, cotton swabs, cotton balls as well as blenders and sponges: All of which will help you create the ghoul, mermaid or princess of your dreams (or nightmares, mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!).