The Two Blondes are on the road…a lot!  We are in areas we have never been before, and visiting businesses we’ve never met before. Which brings me to today’s topic, frontage!

The other day we were in a small urban centre looking for a place to have lunch before meeting up with a spa owner.  We drove around in circles looking for that perfect place to have a bite and although we passed several restaurants and eateries, nothing beckoned us to come in. They were non-descript and unappealing. We finally parked and found a little lane way which led us into a rather charming shopping area. We were quickly entranced with a cute little Mexican-inspired restaurant.

Tim Evans

Over lunch we had a great discussion on what it takes to attract a possible customer just from the appearance of the outside of your business. That day, we walked by a salon with rather grimy windows and a stack of aging newspapers piled in front of the door. We knew they were still in business because they also had a sandwich board sitting out front.

Our front doors and windows are the face we show to the world!

Heaven forbid that I head out of the house without my hair and makeup done these days! Same rule applies to your business. When was the last time you stood outside your business premises and had a good, long look at its appearance? What’s in your window? When I see chairs, I see waiting. When I see an attractive window display, I see shopping. It takes more creativity to create an attractive window with our category of retail products, so start thinking outside the box! There is not rule anywhere that says a salon or spa has to have a boring window!!

Here are some ideas to keep your focused on your outward appearance

Mike Petrucci
  • Plan in advance. How many times a year are you going to change your display?
  • Create a theme of season, or colour. It helps unify presentation.
  • Put in a setting, like a bench or chair or table. Think outside the box, not just a hair theme but a FASHION statement.
  • Use lots of props! Incorporate things like baseball mitts, football helmets into your sports-y themed displays
  • Build different heights into your display.
  • View display from all angles outside to see how an outsider will see it.
  • Don’t block off the entire window, leave room to see beyond display.
  • Limit the palette of colours you use, too busy too distracting.
  • Feature what your clients WANT rather than what they need. Remember, selling is an emotional event!
  • Clean it regularly!
  • Avoid “Sale, Sale, Sale”!
  • Don’t overfill, this is not a stock room!

And finally, don’t forget to look at the area immediately in front of and around your front door!  Make sure it is clean and welcoming!! Remember, we are out there watching!