Facial hair can be a love-hate relationship. For many, facial hair adds to your look and style. However, for many others, not so much. Thankfully for those who are not in favor, a quick trip to your local salon can do away with those unwanted, naturally-grown whiskers. Whether you’re well-versed in facial wax or not, here are some tips to prepare for your salon visit.

What to do Before Visiting Your Salon For a Facial Wax

  • Ensure There is Enough Hair to Wax: According to Joy Randall, owner of Flawless Makeup Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, you need to have ¼ to ½ inches of hair in order to get a great wax job. If you tend to pluck regularly, this likely means you will have to put up with hair growth for two to four weeks before your trip to the salon to ensure there is enough hair to wax.
  • Prepare Your Facial Palette: Think of your face as a palette for your wax job. You want to ensure as clear a surface as possible. To do this, make sure your skin is free from pimples or minor cuts and isn’t currently sunburned. You will also want to avoid taking certain medications like Renova, Rentin-A, Retinol or Accutane. If you are currently undergoing treatment with these medications, wait for your salon trip until after the medication is out of your system as it will make your skin more sensitive. Also, opt out of lotions and creams the day of your salon trip. (These tips are curtsey of She Knows Beauty.)

What to Do After Your Facial Wax

Cleanse skin after waxing with witch hazel, which is a soothing antiseptic, and make sure you are using a moisturizing product on waxed skin. Also, use a mineral based makeup to reduce the appearance of redness. Choose mineral based because it’s the best when it comes to allowing the skin to breathe. (These tips are curtsy of enkiverywell.)

When booking your next facial wax trip, ask your salon what the beauty professionals there recommend for you to do before and after your facial waxing visit. They likely have their own tried-and-true recommendations honed from years of experience.