Nordstrom bra fit specialist Carrie Hauser attested to the fact that virtually no bra will fit two women exactly the same way in a xo jane article. In addition, there are many differences between brands when it comes to the fit of a bra. Therefore, it’s no wonder many women find it impossible to figure out what size bra they should be wearing or if their current bra fits them as it should. Perhaps you can relate. To help you determine if the bra you wear daily fits you as it should, read these signs your bra doesn’t fit you properly by Seventeen Magazine:

You Have Spillage

If your boobs are spilling over the bottom, sides or top of your cups, you are wearing a bra cup size that is too small.

Your Straps Fall Down

Joanna Nix

We all know how annoying it is to have to constantly readjust our bra straps throughout the day. In some cases, your bra straps might be slipping down your shoulders because they need to be tightened, so try adjusting them first. If they keep slipping even after you tighten them up, though, that means your band size is too large.

You Wear Your Bra on Any Hook Other Than The Middle

Ideally, when your bra fits properly, you should wear the band on the middle hook. Your bra will stretch a bit as you wear it. If your band is already loose when you put your bra on, though, this won’t give you any allowance for stretching and means your band is too loose.

Your Bra’s Center is Elevated

The middle piece that sits between the cups of your bra, called the gore, should sit flat against your chest. If there is a space between your bra’s gore and your rib cage, this means your cup size is likely too small. Another test to try is to lift your arms over your head. If your underwire rises, this is another sign the cup size is not large enough.

Your Bra’s Band Rides Up

When standing sideways, look in a mirror at your bra’s band. If it fits properly, your bra’s band should be even, horizontally all across your back. If your bra is rising up, meaning it comes up in the back, your band is too big.

You Have Back Bulge

Jacob Postuma

Although sometimes referred to as back fat, when you have back bulge caused by your skin being squeezed by an ill-fitting bra it just means your band is too small.

Having a properly fitting bra is crucial to creating the perfect foundation for any look. Therefore, it’s important to get the fit of your bra just right. Have a professional measure you to find out what size you should be wearing if you can relate to any of the points listed above because that would indicate your current bra size isn’t correct.