Hair as smooth as silk. It’s what we all want, and it’s what shampoo commercials promise. But to really fight the frizz, your delicate locks need more help than a squirt of conditioner can provide. To lock in moisture and tame your tresses, treat yourself to a salon treatment, and then follow up with healthy hair habits at home.

Speedy Deep Conditioning

Yes, you can squeeze in a high-quality deep conditioning treatment on your lunch break. Linkage Meu is a three-step conditioning process that takes your hair from dull and frizzy to shiny and strong in 15 minutes. Your stylist will first apply amino oils to smooth the strands. The next application bonds with the oils to create a moisture sealant. The final protective coat leaves hair soft, lightweight and ready to style. As a bonus, the procedure includes an at-home kit of weekly vials so hair shines on for up to five weeks.

Healthy Keratin Care

Keratin treatments provide long-lasting smoothness, but many also contain a combination of ingredients that release formaldehyde and a potential host of irritating side effects. Avoid mixtures of methylene glycol, formalin, methanal, and methanediol. Cezanne Perfect Finish is a true formaldehyde-free solution that uses Sericin from silk worms to safely eliminate frizz with results similar to a Brazilian blowout. The two-hour process can be customized for straight or curly hair and the results last for four months.

Colored Hair Protection

If you’re fighting the frizz on colored hair, the chemicals in your dye job may be to blame. Add a bond-repairing treatment like Amika Virgin to your next coloring appointment. This two-step process promises to leave your hair virgin soft and smooth, even if your new shade is platinum blond or electric blue. First, your stylist will mix the liquid protection into your chemical treatment, so it can penetrate the hair’s cortex and build and repair bonds. Finally, a nutrient-rich rinse is applied after shampoo and before conditioner.

Healthy Hair Habits

Protect your salon treatment at home. Never brush dry hair, use sulfate and alcohol-containing products or rub wet hair with a towel. Instead, run a pick through wet hair and gently pat dry hair with a microfiber cloth. Use a boar brush to style hair and don’t forget to deep condition weekly.