Guys sporting scruff just have that “thing,” that magnetism that turns heads and commands attention. But what’s the right look for you? Do you go with a stubble beard? Mustache only? Full out beard? Fortunately, this guide is here to help you find the best facial hair style for you, whether it’s a full-on beard, or a clean-shaven mug. So, buckle up and get ready to ditch that razor – or not.

There are several factors that go into choosing a good facial hair style: the shape of your face, your ability to grow facial hair, and of course, your own personal style. So what facial hairstyle are you going to rock?

The Van Dyke

This is a classic beard style that works for all face shapes but really high lights the square jawline. The hair is mainly focused on the mustache and chin with stubble across the cheeks. However, if your cheeks are patchy it won’t work.

Scruffy Goat

This look takes a little finesse to pull off in a professional setting; keeping it neatly trimmed is key. It has a full goatee and mustache with scruff on the cheeks. For guys with a round face, a slightly longer, tapered goatee style will round out your look.

Corporate Beard

The corporate beard is safe, professional, but still classically stylish. It is a full beard and mustache (all connected) but usually cropped fairly close and always well maintained. There’s no scruff and if your genetics don’t support a full beard, don’t go there.


This is a styled, impeccably groomed beard that works well for most face shapes. The beard itself is full (no scruff), but short. The bottom is rounded and the mustache is not attached to the beard-the two are obviously separate.

Mutton Chops

This trendy facial hair style is great for the rectangular shaped face. Basically, the look involves full sideburns, bushy or cropped close, that follow the jawline, but no chin hair. Think Wolverine from X-Men. Some versions involve a mustache that is connected so that there is a solid hairline.


Maybe a beard just isn’t your thing but you’d like a little hair on your face. A chevron gives you a full mustache, but no beard or scruff on the cheeks. This look is great for just about any face shape and it isn’t that hard to maintain.

Clean Shaven

Clean shaven is always in style. No beard trimming worries or growing ability anxiety, just a smooth, shaven face that requires very little maintenance.

So, what beard style is your style?