As much as we love New York Fashion Week and it’s one of our favorite times of the year, some fashion designers’ catwalks can get a little…well, weird. After all, mini bras and heeled flip-flops are certainly striking, but they’re not functional to wear in your day-to-day life.

Right? Not necessarily. By altering some of the oddest trends seen at this year’s New York Fashion Week, you can make these looks your own.

Fanny Pack for the Bra Bag

If you noticed Helmut Lang’s models were wearing their bras over their clothes, and those bras were comically large, this was supposed to be a trend. Lang introduced bra bags, meant to stash your everyday essentials.

Don’t worry, you don’t to use a bra bag. If you need your essentials within reach, fanny packs have gone from embarrassing ‘90s relic to chic fashion statement. It also may be time to invest in a clutch.


Bralette for the Metallic Bra

Metallic bras were the top of choice at Namilia, the German brand founded by Emilia Pfohl and Nan Li. These bras were barely there, covering just what they needed to and nothing more.

Bralettes are huge right now for women of all different bra sizes. Whether you like lace, mesh, or even metallic materials, you can find a bralette with more coverage than what was seen on the Namilia runways.


Wedges for Heeled Flip-flops

Over at the Fenty Beauty show from beloved pop star Rihanna, models walked out in heeled flip-flops. Cute? Maybe. Functional? Not so much, especially with that chunky block heel.

If you want to wear heels in the summer yet let your feet breathe, heeled flip-flops are not your only option. Invest in some cut-out wedges or espadrilles. If you’re into meatier flip-flops, try a retro platform pair.


Denim Hoodies for Dramatic Hoodies

Dramatic hoods are great for the fall weather, but Adam Selman took the trend in an odd direction. He came up with denim cape hats, which are both hats and hoods worn over the head. It’s overkill for sure.

It’s probably best to choose just one thing to wear on your head for the foreseeable future. A denim hat is a great accessory all on its own, as is a denim hood. Just don’t combine them.