Beautiful skin is a dream we all share, and while a salon facial can make your skin feel fresh and revitalized, you can’t spend every day at the spa. Instead? Keep those facial results going in between with regular at-home skin care, and watch your skin shine.

1. Exfoliate on the Regular


Exfoliation is key to healthy, youthful skin. Removing dead skin cells keeps skin looking bright instead of dull, and reduces the chance of blocked pores from buildup.

Be careful with exfoliation, though, especially if you’re using a facial cleansing brush. These might work for some, but are risky for others, because they remove too much oil and irritate your skin, causing overproduction of oil and increased breakouts. It’s better to go a simple route with a facial sponge and leave the hardcore exfoliation to the pros.

2. Use Different Moisturizers for Winter and Summer

Summer and winter are very different on your complexion. The colder months are dry, dry, dry, which means a light water-based moisturizer probably won’t cut it hydration-wise. On the other hand, during humid months, an oil-based moisturizer can cause too much buildup, leading to breakouts. It’s best to choose an oil-based product in winter and a water-based one in summer. For people with completely balanced skin, it’s may be fine to use the same moisturizer – but always test.

3. Don’t Overwash or Overmedicate


Just like overly aggressive exfoliation, too much face-washing or acne medication can have the opposite effect of what you intend. Rather than clearing skin, it can strip oils, creating dry patches and throwing your face into oil-production overdrive, which increases chances of breakouts. Follow product instructions, and don’t cleanse more than once a day.

4. Book Facial Appointments


Of course, nothing you do at home can replace facials. These deep treatments remove dead skin more effectively than any at-home product or process, and all without damaging skin or causing breakouts. Not only do facials make your skin look brighter right away, they keep skin young over the long haul because they encourage quicker cell turnover. They’re the gift that keeps on giving, so make sure they’re a present you give yourself.

Ready to get the skin you love? Take your in-between skincare routine seriously, and soon enough you’ll have it.