While most of the focus will fall upon decoration and food (duh), this is also a day for dressing your best.

Whether you’re cooking, entertaining, or just eating, you need a hairstyle that matches your chic outfit. The following hair ideas are versatile enough for any Thanksgiving Day activity, and they’re so pretty you’ll want to wear them well into wintertime. It’s time to call your hairstylist!

Dressy Top Knot

Photo by @beyondtheponytail

By creating a large, voluminous bun that sits atop your head, your hairstylist can take the standard top knot and make it fancy enough for a dinnertime feast with family and friends. Make sure you contain any loose strands with bobby pins. A pair of dangling earrings completes this look.

Hair Twist

Photo by @wellahair

This not-quite-braided hairstyle is perfect for the woman who’s got a lot on her plate (get it?) this Thanksgiving. This style involves taking sections of hair on the left or right side right above the ear and twisting it, hence the name. This elegant look will make you the talk of the Thanksgiving festivities.

Braided Updo

Photo by @shannonmariebeauty

If you regularly wear braids, you’ll love this easy-peasy hairstyle. The braided updo is achieved by braiding the hair and then having the braid wrapped around itself to create a bun. Your hairstylist can put this look together quickly.

Low-Rolled Bun

Photo by @daschashell

Who said hair buns can’t be chic? This casual hairstyle keeps your hair out of your face, making it great for the woman who’s spending most of Thanksgiving on cooking duty. Ask your hairstylist to make a ponytail at the nape of your neck, twist the hair above the ponytail, then pull the ponytail into several pieces to create a large, stunning bun.

Curled Updo

Photo by @sabrinadijkman

If you have straight hair, it’s time to get it curled. If your hair is naturally wavy, you can leave it as is. Your hairstylist will apply some hairspray to the back of your head to create this beautiful updo. The key to this look is the face-framing pieces, which can be curled as well or left straight depending on your preferences.