Putting effort into your appearance is, of course, important when it comes to enticing the opposite sex or just creating more self-satisfaction.  However, you might not realize the role your scent plays when it comes to the impression you make on others. According to science, though, your smell/scent is vital.

Science Proves The Importance of Smell

A study by Oxford University featured on Ask Men, found a person’s attractiveness level to be closely tied to their scent. Science also proves a connection between smell and memories or positive emotions. Therefore, to leave a good impression on others, you need to ensure you smell pleasant. On that note, here are some amazing colognes that will help you create positive emotions and memories in others.

Gold by Jay Z

Photo by @thelaceybrowne

Gold by Jay Z has a combination of smells, including amber, ginger, wood and grapefruit scents. The end result is a scent of comfort and warmth. It is recommended for romantic wear and is manufactured in America. You can also buy Gold deodorant, body wash and cream to complete your scent transformation.

Flight by Michael Jordan

Photo by @kc_ghost

This cologne created by Michael Jordan, who most people agree is the best basketball player of all time, has a strong, woody, aromatic smell that will impress much like Jordan’s moves on the court. It has a similar smell to the colognes within the Polo Ralph Lauren family of scents.

Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas

Photo by @kata_ulloa

The soft and subtle smell lives up to the scent’s seductive title. It has a pretty long life after application, but it’s wise to reapply after hitting the club or working up a sweat.

Man by Pitbull

Photo by @mrbonezzz

According to the description on Men’s Health, you can categorize this scent as smelling like “well-earned success.” The scent is warm in nature and includes a blend of spices. Mr. Worldwide’s scent is anything but average, just like the man himself.

Usher For Men by Usher

Photo by @lastingfragrances

This debonair scent personifies what the real James Bond would smell like if 007 was, in fact, a real person. This impressive scent includes notes of lavender, melon, pineapple, amber, sandalwood and more.

The cologne options listed above are well worth purchasing. Remember, your scent’s important, so invest in making it memorable.