Unless we’re discussing cresting the rugged yet beautiful terrain of Colorado, New Mexico, or Arizona, hitting a plateau sucks. This inevitable part of your fitness journey isn’t fun, but it’s completely normal.

Plateaus are the irksome points in your fitness journey where you stop seeing results no matter what you do. No worries! They happen to everyone and here’s what professional trainers say you can do about it…

Lift More

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If your workout routine leans heavily on cardiovascular activity, switch things up by adding more weight training session. Either lift more often or increase the amount of resistance. Building lean muscle mass with strength training sheds body fat and burns more calories throughout the course of the day, according to celebrity trainer Steve Moyer.

Reverse the Order

Most plateaus occur because your body has adjusted to your current workout. Another way to switch things up and break through a weight loss plateau is by reversing the order of your workout. Trainer Jordan Syatt recommends changing the order of the strength training exercises you do. For instance, if you typically do push-ups first, place them at the end of your workout, which will be much more challenging.


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Who says longer workouts lead to more results? If you’ve been spending hours in the gym, try shorter, more intense workouts like high-intensity interval training. A shorter routine may actually make more of an impact—as long as you go all in and do it every day, say celebrity trainer Ashley Borden.

Take No Days Off

Personal trainer Roger Lawson recommends picking up the slack of a plateau by staying active on your rest days. Just to be clear: we’re not suggesting you don’t rest at all. The point here is to not spend your rest day like a knot on a log. Attend a yoga class, go for a hike, or lace up your sneakers and take your dog for a walk around the block. A light, enjoyable workout will help you keep the muscles actives without jeopardizing your recovery time.

Plateaus aren’t just about your exercise routine, though. You can also overcome stagnant fitness results by increasing the amount you eat (Yep, you heard right!), tracking what you eat, and eating more lean protein. Talk to a professional trainer to determine which method is best for your situation.