Are you overdue to see your hair stylist? The days or weeks until your appointment can seem like torture if your roots have started to grow out. After all, unsightly, visible roots can be a major style killer.

Need a quick fix? Here are five ways to obscure your roots until your next hair appointment so you can look and feel good.

1. Use Argan Oil

Argan oil can be very beneficial for your whole head, but it can do wonders for your roots specifically. When used on ailing, visible roots, argan oil may be able to maintain the hue of your dyed hair somewhat. The unsaturated fatty acids, omega-9s, and omega-3s will also make your locks silky, soft, and strong.

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2. Slick Your Hair Back

By slicking your hair back, you’re hiding your true hairline. Most of your roots will be invisible with this hot, on-point hairstyle. You might want to use a light mist of hairspray or a touch of gel to achieve the wet look with your slicked-back locks, which is very trendy this year.

3. Flip Your Part

Do you always part your hair straight down the middle? Flip your part to the left or right. The added volume obscures your roots. You’ll be surprised (in a good way) how much different you look by making this small hair change.

4. Wear Braids

The more volume and dimension your hair has through styling, the less attention there will be on your roots. A hairline braid is an ideal solution to physically cover roots. That said, this style is recommended for those with shorter hair.

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5. Find a Great Hat

If you’re having a bad hair day or you just don’t have as much time as you wish to devote to your haircare regimen, you can always cover the offending roots with a hat. From a beanie in the colder weather to an easy, breezy wide-brimmed hat in the spring or summer, some headgear can add elegance to your look.

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