When 21,480 men spoke to AskMen this autumn, the results were surprising. More than half of those men had a hard time buttoning their suit (76 percent), choosing quality hair products (75 percent), and knowing where their tie should sit (65 percent).

With the holiday season here, you probably have a lot of events on your social calendar that will call for formal wear. If you’re on the hunt for a sleek look, remember these handy tips.

Get Creative with Shoe Colors


Photo by @tailormadeshanghai

If you’ve ever seen a pair of gray, blue, or red formal shoes and thought you could never pull them off, think again. Find a pair of shoes like suede or leather and pair them with your suit color rather than your belt color. Spend a little more for quality if you plan on making them last year after year.

Figure out Your Tie

You’re probably proud enough that you can tie your own tie. Who cares where it sits, right? A lot of people, especially in a formal setting. Next time you go to wear a tie, make sure it sits at the waistband of your slacks.

Don’t Hide Your Shirt Cuffs

Photo by @gentlemandiamond

Your shirt cuffs don’t have to be completely hidden under your suit jacket. You can display at least a half-inch of shirt, but no more than that.

Button Your Suit Buttons the Right Way

Depending on whether you’re wearing a suit or a tux, it may have a single or two or three buttons. How do you know which buttons to leave open and which to close?

With three or more buttons, the middle one must be secured. The bottom should be left open, and the top one is optional.

With two buttons, again, the bottom should be left open but the top closed. If it’s just a single button you’re dealing with, it varies. If you’re sitting, leave the button open. If you’re up and walking around, close it.

Wear Pinstripes

Photo by @suitedboyhk

Pinstripes dress up any suit, but you may not wear them because you’re not sure how. Choose a suit in navy, dark charcoal, or even black. The pinstripes should always be pure white. That’s an ideal combination that reliably works.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, you’re ready to look your sharpest during your next formal event.