Adult acne is something that plagues more women and men than you may realize. In many cases, people receive professional skincare in order to treat or even prevent their adult acne issues. While it’s fortunate that there are treatments available for adult acne, it’s helpful to learn about the possible underlying reasons that adult acne can occur in the first place.

1. Poor Diet Choices

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You probably already know that the majority of your diet should be comprised of fresh fruit and vegetables. Vegetables in particular contain micronutrients that your skin uses to stay healthy and breakout-free. But in reality, the your daily diet may look more like a commercial for processed food additives. The chemicals in processed foods don’t promote healthy skin, and can actually lead to more breakouts. Until you tame your diet, your adult acne will continue to cause problems for you.

2. Over Cleaning Your Face

Your facial skin is a complex biological system. If the cells in your skin sense that your skin is too dry, they ramp up oil production to compensate. Unfortunately, if you have adult acne, you’re working on the outside to get rid of that excess oil, since oil clogs pores and leads to breakouts. The more you clean your face, the more oil is produced, which you then wash away. It’s a vicious cycle that can only stop when you stop over cleaning your face. Talk to your aesthetician about ways to control shine without over cleaning.


3.  Your Skincare Products

Taking care of your skin is important to you. But did you know that many of the commercial skincare products contain ingredients that can cause adult acne to flare up? The more you use them, the more your pores get clogged, leading to more breakouts. Check the ingredients list carefully on all your skincare products. Make sure the labels say that the product is non-comedogenic, which means that it’s been specially formulated to not clog pores. For best results, ask your esthetician to recommend an entire skincare line that you can use without having to worry about ingredients that are harmful to your skin.

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If adult acne is a concern of yours, an appointment to a skincare salon is in order. There, you will be able to get personalized advice and treatments that will make your adult acne a thing of the past.