While summer usually gets top billing as the time for weddings and parties, winter is a popular choice too. At this cozy time of year, indoor venues really sparkle – often literally, as twinkle lights and candles are abundant.

Naturally, against the festive background, you’re extra-motivated to shine. If you’re a lady (or a guy who loves a good updo), there’s no better way to impress than by adding flowers to the mix. So before you head to the salon, check out these ideas and stop by the florist!

1. Baby’s breath with a crown of braids

Photo by @minnie.styles

Baby’s breath is the quintessential hair accoutrement, soft and feminine, but also sturdy enough to withstand a long night of dancing. Pair it with a crown of French braids for a beautiful fairy effect.

2. Peony with a chignon

Photo by @forbridal

High society elegance simply oozes from this style. A good chignon is hard to get right, though, especially if you want it to last the evening, so be sure to get help.

3. Roses with a messy bun

Photo by @yaklialia

Who says a messy bun can’t be classy? A looser updo piled on your head, with strands falling out and roses woven in, is nice enough for your own wedding, someone else’s or a night at the opera.

4. Crown of orange blossoms with curls

Photo by @pittsburgh.boudoir

Orange blossoms make a gorgeous crown, white and waxy and fragrant. Pair them with curls for a sweet woodland effect. This is especially effective for short hair, because it sets off your long neckline nicely.

5. Circlet of evergreen leaves with straight hair

Photo by @persimmonandplumphotography

Evergreen boughs are a gorgeous way to honor the winter season, and look elegant with long, flowing locks. Of course, no one wants a crown of bristlecone pine to contend with. Instead, opt for softer options such as juniper or cedar, or go outside the box with olive branches. You come in peace!

Ready to sparkle at your event or someone else’s? Call your stylist and book an appointment today. Make sure they know it’s for a special event so they’ll plan in extra time, and talk to the florist as well so you can pick those blooms up right before. Boom: the most elegant you you can imagine.