That’s totally up to you! We’ve nattered at you all year about PLANNING ahead and now the proof is in the Christmas pudding!  But occasionally, even the best-laid plans sometimes need a boost. We start with great intentions but the enthusiasm wanes. What can we do with the short time left until Christmas to inject some adrenaline into our retail and gift card sales?

1. Have a “Deal of the Day” Promotion

You have an e-mail database on your Vagaro, a Facebook fan page, and clients walking through your doors. Set up internal daily deals!

Each offer is only good for 24 hours and can be purchased over the phone with a credit card or in person in the salon. BOGO or Buy One Get One is a great way to pair up dead stock that has been sitting collecting dust on the shelf! Your cash flow is sitting on the shelf; better to move it out than let it sit there! Promote them as stocking stuffers.

Photo by @hairbydanigkay

2. One day only “Gift Card Blitz”

Buy 3 get 1 free has works very well in most salons.  Buy 3 gift cards of the same denomination and get the 4th one free! Sell them at a pre-Christmas event or have a short time sale on them in the last two weeks before Christmas.  They make a great pick-me-up for those last minute gift ideas!

3. Have a “Lucky Dip Bowl”

Have a little fun and encourage business in January and February. Place a bowl on the front counter and fill it with slips of paper which have prizes written on them. Most will have small incentives $5-$10 vouchers, free conditioning treatments, or eyebrow wax. Have one or two larger prizes (cut & colour or facial). Clients get to pick one out as they are checking out from their December appointment. The key here is that these gifts are only valid in January or February!

Photo by @embellashesbyanousone

4. Employee Incentives

Every time an employee sells one of the daily deals their name is put in a bowl and at the end of the day pick out a winner… the more entries they have the higher their chances of winning!! Prizes could be product, money, services or a mall gift card….. Use your imagination… you want them to be excited!!

Don’t forget about your front desk staff!! Set them different targets. You don’t want to start any Salon Wars! Lol! No point in setting them up against the service providers…. create specific front desk objectives!

5. Set a goal for gift card sales!

One that I have used, successfully, is to set a target for gc sales and offer $100 to each of the front desk staff if we reached it….It certainly reminds them to ASK every guest about gift cards!

Just a few last minute ideas to think about!! Remember…. It really is all about sales! There is no sweeter music to a salon owners ears, than the sound of the cash register singing!!!

May your cash register sing sweet Christmas Carols to you this season!!