So you have thin hair, and are more or less permanently tempted to jump off a bridge to deal with the stress and anguish. That, however, might be a slight overreaction. Instead, here are 10 tips to transform your locks from troublesome to terrific!

1. Shampoo Regularly

Want to avoid the slicked-to-head look? Thin-haired gals (and guys!) have to shampoo often to keep roots grease-free.

2. Avoid Lots of Products

Thin, fine hair can’t hold a lot of weight, so products just make it go limp. Plus, too many put pressure on the hair and can damage it.

3. Don’t Condition the Roots

Conditioning the roots might seem like a commonsense way to keep hair healthy, but all it does is plaster hair to your scalp. No, thanks.

4. Stahp with the “I’m Growing It Out!”

Photo by @jhamje

Yes, we’ve all been there. You get a short cut because it’s so thin blah blah blah and then soon enough you perk up one day, groundhog style, and think “I’ll grow it out!” Don’t. It didn’t work last time and it won’t this time. Please just find another cute, short cut instead.

5. Dry All the Way Before Heading Out

If you let your hair dry completely, you can run a brush through it and fluff it up. It’s worth the wait.

6. Don’t Use a Plastic Comb

Don’t you love the hair static that builds up in dry weather, making you look like you’ve just touched a light socket? Of course you do. (Not.) Avoid flyaways by avoiding plastic combs, which build up static.

7. Be Careful with Color

Not only does color look pretty, it makes hair feel thicker. We get that, but too much of a good thing quickly becomes fried, ruined locks. Be careful, and don’t color hair yourself.

Photo by @ondine_rumer

8. Say No to Bangs

It’s not impossible to rock bangs when you have thin hair. Just be aware that they diminish your already precious hair resources and frequently stick to the forehead in a less-than-attractive way.

9. Don’t Use Coconut Oil

Yes, we know it’s all the rage. No, a thick layer of saturated fats is not going to help your thin hair issue.

10. Stop Straightening Furiously

If you have curly or wavy hair, stop straightening it. The heat may damage strands, and the result is less voluminous in any case. No Bueno.

Of course, you can always ask a stylist for help as well. Explain the situation when you head into the salon, and see what your stylist recommends.