Haircuts are a big commitment, at least when you’re changing your style completely. Whether you want a different cut or some crazy color, it’s always a good idea to scope things out before you head to the salon. Here are five apps that help you do just that.

1. iOS: Hairstyle Wizard

Photo by @shanncurrhadd

Not only does it let you try on various looks, Hairstyle Wizard lets you put on a celebrity’s hair so you can try out the exact look that inspired you. While the app itself is free, you can download extra packs for bangs, seasonal ideas and red carpet looks.

2. Android: Hairstyles – Fun and Fashion

This app has gotten decent reviews from users, sitting at a healthy average of 3.4 It offers not only different hairstyles, but different outfits and accessories (such as necklaces and sunglasses) to help you see how a fully decked-out you would look with that ‘do. The only downside: tons of popups.

3. Android: Hair Changer Men Hairstyles

Dudes deserve love too. Wondering what you’d look like with a man bun … or without one? Thinking you might try the big beard look on for size, or even some muttonchops? Hair Changer Men Hairstyles, while certainly not the most elegantly named, is a fun and versatile way to check out a chop before you pull the trigger.

4. iOS: Hair Color Booth

Photo by @agerald618

If you’re specifically curious about color, there’s no better app than Hair Color Booth. It lets you play with full color, or experiment with streaks, highlights and mermaid hair. The hair color isn’t too bright or fake-looking, so you can actually get a gauge of what it would look like on your head, which is probably why it has a solid 3.5 stars.

5. iOS: 80s Hair

We would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t mention that there’s an app called 80s Hair, and it’s just what it sounds like. With 3.5 stars and only $1.99, it’s a good investment even if you only whip it out at a party.

Now you know what your options are, you can upload your photo and start playing today! Of course, you can always use someone else’s photo too. (Get ready to pressure mom to change her hair, for everyone’s sake.) Have fun!