There’s nothing better than sitting back in a salon chair and having a qualified esthetician massage, treat and soothe your tired skin. That’s why you have it done so often. But is it possible to overprocess your skin? It is, and here’s why. But don’t worry. You can still enjoy lots of visits to your favorite skincare salon!

You Need Time to Assess Results

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Let’s face it. Despite big claims, skincare products don’t work like magic. They need time to transform your skin. If you don’t allow enough time in between visits, you won’t be able to truly assess the results. This is especially true when you start using a new product. You and your esthetician should decide together how many treatments are needed, and how much time you should allow between visits.

Your Skin Needs Time to Rest

Many of the most popular skincare treatments can be initially traumatizing for skin. Chemical face peels and microdermabrasion in particular can leave skin more delicate before the skin rebounds and looks better than before. Your skin needs time to rest in between treatments, even if you’re getting a treatment that is completely different than the one you last had. Allow your skin that time to rest and restore itself before your next appointment.

You Might Alter Your Skin’s Natural State

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If you don’t allow enough time in between treatments, you could end up altering your skin’s natural state. This could put you in a situation where you’re treating a skin condition that only exists because you are overprocessing your skin. Overprocessing can lead to things like dryness, oiliness and more. Instead, let your skin return to its natural condition, and then you and your esthetician can decide on how to best care for its natural state.

Don’t feel you can’t keep up your regular salon visits. What you can do to allow your facial skin to rest is alternate treatments between your face, hair, nails, feet, hands and body. All of these areas deserve special treatment, and by making sure everything is covered, you won’t even have to worry about overprocessing your skin again!