Did you know that creating an eyebrow arch that enhances your facial features can make you look younger? The distance between your brows has the ability to change your entire face. The eyebrow shape that is best for you is determined by the shape of your face. To determine your face shape, you have to see it; therefore, you need to pull your hair back. Now, look in the mirror and use the information below to determine the shape of your face. Once you know your face shape, you can choose the perfect brow.

1. Oval Face – Soft-Angled Brows

Photo by @jessicaalba

The cheekbones are prominent, the forehead is broader than the chin and the face tapers down to a narrow chin. If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky! An oval shaped face is considered to be the best shape to have. The best eyebrow for this face shape is a softly-angled brow. The eyebrow should go up and then curve around at the top, and at the bottom.

2. Heart-Shaped Face – Rounded or Straight Brows

Photo by @halleberry

This face shape is very similar to an oval face, however, the chin tapers down to somewhat of a point. Choosing the perfect brow for this face shape is somewhat tricky because the focus is already being placed on the forehead and the eyes. However, other facial features can be enhanced with a rounded or straight brow. Additionally, avoid heavy-looking brows and do not use a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas: Doing this places emphasis on the forehead.

3. Round Face – High, Sharp Eyebrow Arches

Photo by @queenlatifah

Features of a round face include the cheeks being the widest part of the face with it being nearly as wide as it is long. Since the goal is to make the face appear longer, creating high, sharp eyebrow arches lifts the face upwards instead of outwards. Creating the highest arch possible (without making it look unnatural) and grooming the hairs so they point upwards will elongate the face.

4. Long Face – Elongated Brows

Photo by @victoriabeckham

A long face is characterized by having cheekbones, a forehead and jawlines that are close to the same width. The face tapers downwards to a narrow, oval-shaped chin. The eyebrows need to be formed in such a way as to make the face appear shorter. This can be accomplished by elongating the eyebrows at the end, which will balance out the facial features by drawing things in horizontally. Another option for an individual with a long face is the flat brow.

5. Square Face – Angled, Thick Brows

Photo by @lucyliu

Just like a long-shaped face, the square-shaped face has jawlines, cheekbones and a forehead that are all approximately the same width. However, the most obvious feature is a square jawline. Since a square jawline is such a strong feature, it needs to be balanced with soft curves or a very strong brow. A thick brow with a strong arch or an angled brow work well with a square face.

6. Diamond-Shaped Face – Curved Brows

Photo by @theshilpashetty

This face shape is rather uncommon. However, the face is highly angular and the forehead is a bit short, with the widest portion of the face at the temples. A curved brow will soften the face and help make the widest portion of the face appear narrower.

What Your Natural Eyebrow Characteristics Say About You

1. Long Eyebrows

  • Competitive
  • Hardworking
  • Problem Solver

2. Short Eyebrows

  • Focuses on the Small Details
  • Somewhat Anxious
  • Dislikes Drama

3. Continuous Brow

  • Confident
  • Creative
  • A Thinker

4. Low Eyebrows

  • Quick Thinking
  • Decision Maker
  • Lacks Patience

5. High Eyebrows

  • Perceptive
  • An Observer
  • Independent

Now, the next time you make an appointment to have your eyebrows waxed, you will know which shape will make you look the best!