Black, white, gray: you don’t put much thought into your sock collection. After all, it’s not like anybody really sees your socks. Yet when you want to spice up your average outfit or dress nicely in a suit, you’re suddenly scrambling to find socks that work with your look.

Colorful socks are in, and there are plenty of ways to rock them. Here’s what you need to know about this trend, including picking colored socks for various outfits.

Colored Socks…Really?

Yes, really. For men who have a sock drawer full of monochrome socks, it may be surprising to think about dressing up your feet with patterns and colors. Yet in Europe, these socks have been popular for the past five years.

Photo by @gentlemansbox

Now, it seems, more and more fashion brands are rolling out their own hued socks here in the United States. The trend has definitely stuck. You can even join a subscription service to get your own monthly delivery of fresh, funky socks.

How to Rock These Socks

Of course, if you walk into a store (or open that box on your front porch) and see socks in a variety of hues, you might not be sure what to do with them. Do you select these to go with to your shirt? Do you wear them with a suit? What shoes are appropriate?

When dressing up for work or other high-end events, here are some sock-wearing tips to follow:

  • Get socks in the same hue as your dress shirt for an air of sophistication. If you’re nervous this will look too matchy-matchy, then pick socks in complimentary colors instead. Pink socks would go well with a dark blue suit, for instance.
  • Play up pinstripes by accenting either the main suit hue or the color of the pinstripes. If you have gray pinstripes, you might put on gray socks.
  • Don’t stress too much about your socks blending in with your shoes. The whole point of this trend is for your socks to stand out! Instead of focusing on your shoe color, focus on your suit and find socks that look good with that.
Photo by @baronsocks

This trend has a lot of versatility and is a great way to express yourself beyond just a snazzy patterned tie.