New year, new you, so it might be time to finally dust off your old suit. Doing so always fills you with trepidation, though. You want to look good, but you’re always afraid you’ve missed something.

By following these handy fashion tips from sports superstar and all-around great dresser David Beckham, you’ll be ready for whatever the year throws at you.

A White Button-Down Is Still a Classic

Photo by @davidbeckham

When it came to the holidays, Beckham planned on indulging in his own traditions with his family wearing a staple in menswear: the white button-down shirt. He often pairs his with a velvet jacket and trousers. That’s right; a suit jacket isn’t always mandatory.

This may be a good time to go to your local menswear shop and try on a few different types of jackets and see what looks best on you.

As for the white button-down, Beckham insists that it should be clean, wrinkle-free, and fresh-looking. So yes, grab your iron if your shirt looks a little worse for wear. You’ll be happy you did when you’re shaking hands with your boss or potential clients at a networking event.

Socks Are Important

Your pants are pressed, your suit jacket is clean, and your button-down shirt doesn’t have any wrinkles. Your shoes are un-scuffed, and you even remembered your cufflinks. Anything else you’re missing that matters?

Yes, your socks.

Beckham is an advocate for comfortable, classy socks. He says for men especially, who are often subjected to their pants’ hem rising as they sit, socks are not to be ignored. Beckham notes a good pair of socks should look and feel great.


A Good Watch Can Complete Any Outfit

Photo by @davidbeckham

Beckham may be representing Tudor, a watch company, but he has a point when he says he prefers versatile watches that complement a suit as much as it does if he’s dressing casually in jeans.

The right watch can become a signature statement piece, one that you reach for to add the finishing touches to any outfit. You won’t have to think about it either, saving you valuable time in the morning or evening.