Bangs are blowing up celebrity Instagrams right now, which means they are going to be everywhere next year. Get up to speed with the most in-demand fringe looks for 2018, then get to the salon for a makeover.

Curtain Fringe

Much like macrame, this 70’s era retro trend is way on point, with celebs including Alexa Chung and Kirsten Dunst rocking curtain fringe.

Curtain fridge not only looks breezy and casual, it’s super low maintenance — great news for women whose busy lifestyles make it hard to keep up with regular trims.

Ask your stylist to cut long layers into the bangs and to give you plenty of texture. This lets you style your fringe for max impact. Once you get the bangs cut, let them grow out in between trims. Eye-skimming fringe is a favorite length, but you can let this grow to the ears if you push it to the side.

Photo by @hairby_lindseylu

Piecey Bangs

Piecey bangs are a little bit loose, but still have structure. This is a great pick if you are growing out your bangs or trying to transition to curtain fringe from short blunt fringe. Zooey Deschanel is the queen of piecey bangs.

Have your stylist create wispy, textured bangs and then show you how to style them using a texturizing spray and back combing technique, which gives volume to even fine hair.

Photo by @blancaf619

Choppy, Blunt Bangs

Textured, blunt bangs are a super easy look that adds maximum impact to a simple updo or a sleek bob. Think Kerry Washington for celeb inspiration.

Ask your stylist for heavy short bangs that hover just above the brow and are heavy on texture. To open up your face, request the bangs be more choppy in the center. These bangs look best when they are kept on the shorter side so don’t leave the salon without scheduling a follow-up.

Have your stylist show you how you can emphasize the texture of these bangs with a styling cream. By twisting and pulling on the fringe, your stylist can help you create different looks from the textured fringe.

Photo by @natalia_vermeer

Nothing says “new year, new you” like a new ‘do. Why not schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist to update your fringe for 2018 and help you look your best from roots to ends?