The biggest challenge many beauty and fitness professionals face is writing an email marketing campaign. It’s not as easy as it sounds! You’re great at the services you provide, but many people in your industry find it difficult to translate that into writing.  

Here at Vagaro, we’ve put together a quick step-by-step tutorial that doesn’t just show you how to physically create and send out a marketing email, but how to draft the text of what goes inside your campaign. We recognize that the needs of beauty and fitness professionals are different, so this tutorial will be customizable to either industry with just a few tweaks.  

We invite you to use this tutorial as a template, or to revise it to meet the needs of your business. We hope that you’ll get inspired to create email campaigns of your own and that you’ll feel more confident about not only your professional talents, but your ability to market your skills.  

Let’s Create an Email Campaign!

First, you’ll want to decide what message your email campaign is communicating. As an example, we’re creating a summer promo code, to help you drum up more business during the slower summer months.  

We’ll call this promo code SUMMERFUN. This promo code will entitle the client to 20% off a service of their choice. Of course, you can tailor both the promo or discount code and the accompanying deal to whatever you want it to be, but feel free to use this as a guideline.  

Here’s where the art of writing marketing emails comes into play. Since this is a summer promotion that can be applied to any service offered on the menu, we won’t need to filter the recipient list (though you can still do this, if you like.)  

The Basics of Email Marketing

There are 4 questions you’ll want to consider when you write marketing emails to your customers:  

  • Subject. How do you get them to open the email? 
  • Tone. Who are you talking to, and how do you talk to them?  
  • Value Proposition. What are you offering?   
  • Call to Action (CTA). What do you want them to do next?  

Subject Line

After all, a promo code discount is only working if your customers open the email. Try to keep the subject line short and fun. Asking a question in the subject line often works, as it leverages the human impulse to find out the answer. Puns and wordplay also tap into the human urge to connect. For our summer promotion, we’re going to use a joke that can be connected to the action we want the customer to take.  For our example, the subject line will be the beginning of a joke.

Title and email subject: What does the beach say when the tide comes in?


For most beauty and fitness professionals, you’ve created (or want to create) a more intimate connection with your clients. You’ll want to be professional, but also fun and approachable. Try to strike a balance between the businessperson you are at check-out, and the fun creative person that you are when performing services. The key things to remember here are to stay friendly, casual, and direct. In our example, we’ll use the second part of the joke as the email headline, as well as the way we transition into our value proposition.  

Pro Tip: Keep it personal, by using “we” and “you” in the body of your email, to create a sense of connection with the people who’ll be reading your email. 

Value Proposition

This is what you’re offering them with the code. For our example, it’s 20% off a service of their choice. Remember, this is the part you customize. If you’re in the fitness industry, your promo could be a free session with a trainer, a free class, or a discount on their monthly membership. After the subject and the opening lines, you’ll want to transition to the value proposition quickly. Include any offer limitations, such as the length of the promotion, to create a sense of urgency. The less they have to read, the more likely they are to take advantage of the offer! 

Call to Action

This is where you’ll add a button or link that allows the customer to easily take advantage of what you’re offering without having to dig for it. Examples of a CTA include “Book Now”, “Redeem Your Gift”, or what we’ve chosen for this example, “SUMMERFUN.”  

Here’s Your Finished Email Campaign!

Title and email subject: What does the beach say when the tide comes in?

Now You’re an Email Ace! 

Now that you’ve got a handle on how to write a successful email campaign, you get to dive into the part that’s really fun. Use logos, photos, graphics, and more to create the look and feel that builds your brand or complements the campaign. Then, if you’ve included a Daily Deal, promo code, or discount you can monitor the success of your email campaign. The best part is that it’s all completely customizable. Now that you’ve got a handle on how to create an engaging email campaign, the possibilities are endless. So dream big! We’re here to help you build it!  

Ready to start? Great! Click here to watch a Vagaro Video on how to start drafting your next email campaign!