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Paparazzi sit outside the fitness clubs that celebrities frequent in hopes to capture a ‘not so glamorous picture.’ Although paparazzi may not be of concern, you never know who you will see directly after your workout. You can avoid being caught off guard by packing the perfect gym bag. A well-packed gym bag can eliminate your need to return home before heading off to start your workday.

Choosing a Bag for the Gym

The gym bag you choose should be waterproof, must be able to carry all your workout necessities, be strong enough to handle being shoved in a locker and hold everything you need to transition from the gym to the office. Of course, your gym bag should also be stylish.

Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

It is difficult to work out when you begin to sweat and your hair begins sticking to your neck and face. Therefore, if your hair length is medium to long, place several extra hair ties and bobby pins in a zip lock baggie.

A Brush and Comb

You cannot create a great hairstyle to head off to work if you do not have a comb and a brush.

Dry Shampoo

Just in case you do not have time to take a shower, keep some dry shampoo in your bag. A few spritzes and your hair will go from greasy to chic.


Using a long-lasting antiperspirant and deodorant is especially important if you will not have time to shower before going to work.

Facial Wipes

Using facial wipes directly following your workout will help you feel refreshed and prevent your pores from becoming clogged.

Travel Versions of Your Toiletries and Hair Care Products

Travel versions of your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel and/or hairspray are ideal for use at the gym. Keeping your toiletries and hair care products in a resealable bag ensures that in the event of a leak, your other items remain untouched.

Mini Versions of Your Daily Beauty Items

You cannot head off to work without ‘putting on your face;’ therefore, you should place travel-size versions of your daily beauty items in your gym bag. Remember to include foundation, eyeliner, blush, mascara, pressed powder, eyeshadow, lip liner, lipstick and perfume. Ideally, for the sake of convenience, keep your beauty items together in a fashionable makeup bag.

A Bag for Your Soiled Clothing and Shoes

Since you are heading directly to work, you need a bag that you can seal to store your soiled clothes in. Consider purchasing a reusable zip lock bag specifically designed for clothing. If you choose to place your work clothes in a reusable zip lock bag as well, make sure you label the bags ‘soiled’ and ‘clean’ with a permanent marker. You can use smaller zip lock bags for your shoes. Again, be sure to label these bags as well (‘workout shoes’ and ‘work shoes’). The bags you are using for your soiled clothes and shoes must be sealable, otherwise you are risking tainting your gym bag with undesirable odors.

Toothpaste, Floss and a Toothbrush

A trial-size toothpaste, travel toothbrush and container of floss ensure that you can keep up with your oral hygiene.

There you have it…now, you can head to the gym with everything you need in your gym bag before starting your workday. Just think, once your workday is done, you can be home in time for dinner!

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Visiting a gym can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re a newcomer. Like being in a library, there are unspoken social rules on what is okay and not okay. Don’t overthink each of these rules, but do keep them in mind when you head over to the gym.

Know Your Gym Rules & Follow Them

This might seem like common sense, but that doesn’t stop many people from completely neglecting this simple rule. Know your gym rules and obey them. Simple as that! If your gym says no kids in the weight room, no kids should be present. If you aren’t sure if something is allowed, find out, don’t assume.

Honor the Headphones

If you’re forced to work out next to someone because of a packed gym, refrain from making small talk with someone who is wearing their headphones. Headphones is gym-speak for “not interested in conversation.” Honor that. For all we know, they may rather enjoy their workout listening to their tunes or an audio book in solitude.

Pick Up Your Weights

Finally, put stuff back how you found it. Don’t leave free weights lying around. Don’t put weights up in the wrong place and don’t leave excessively heavy weights on machines. Restore equipment/weights/room to its previous state and ready for the next person.

Clean Up After Yourself

There is nothing as gross as using equipment with other’s sweat all over it. This is a major faux pas. It takes only seconds to wipe down equipment after you have used it. Be courteous and don’t expect others to enjoy sharing bodily fluids with you…it’s just gross!

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It can be hard to fit a workout into your day. You may be facing a chaotic schedule filled with work and other commitments, leaving little room for an exercise session. One way to ensure that you get enough workouts is to visit the gym in the morning before work or during your lunch break. Of course, you don’t want to return to work looking like a sweaty mess. We’ve collected some tips to combat this.

Apply a Dry Shampoo

Many women use dry shampoo after a workout to absorb excess oils, but it’s actually beneficial to apply a powder-based dry shampoo pre-workout. It takes just seconds to apply the powder to your roots while changing into your workout clothes, and the results are well worth it. The dry shampoo will prevent sweat from saturating your hair.

Opt for an Up-Do

During an intense workout, you may find strands of sweaty hair stuck to your skin, leaving your hair looking like a wet mop. To minimize the amount of excess moisture, keep your hair up and out of your face. Choose a confining up-do, such as a ballerina-style bun, a sleek ponytail, or a neat side braid. If you have bangs, pin them back.

Spritz a Hair Refresher

If you plan day trips to the gym, keep hair refresher in your travel bag. Hair refreshers work to neutralize tough odors and will help to absorb excess oils on the scalp. Lift up the top layer of hair and spray the roots underneath for sufficient coverage. Scrunch the hair at the roots to evenly distribute the product.

Cover with a Wrap

Even if you don’t normally wear wraps, a cotton headband or scarf worn around your head can help keep your hair looking its best throughout your work day and beyond. Before applying the wrap, run a moisturizing product through your tresses to help keep your hair hydrated and to prevent frizz.

It can be tough to keep your hair looking fresh and pristine following a workout. Fortunately, taking the proper precautions can help keep your locks looking flawless from the gym to the office.

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Young woman runner resting after workout session on sunny morning. Female fitness model sitting on street along pond in city. Female jogger taking a break from running workout.


After a long day of work, it can be hard to stay motivated to go to the gym and work out. You don’t have to struggle to make time to go to the gym. Instead, you can find ways to incorporate more exercise and activity to your daily life, even with a busy work schedule. The key is to add small tasks into your routine so you can make progress without getting overwhelmed. Here are a few tips you can use to be more active without rearranging your schedule for the gym.

Set a timer to be more active.

If you have a job that keeps you at a desk, set a timer for every 50 minutes. When it goes off, take 10 minutes to walk to the restroom, refill your water bottle, or make some copies in the copy room. This will give you the chance to be active throughout the day while still getting your work done.

Skip the elevator.


If you normally take the elevator to your office, take the stairs instead. The stairs will give you a good workout at the beginning and end of your day, and doesn’t take any extra time out of your day. You have to get to your office whether you take the elevator or stairs, so you may as well be active while you do it.

Use the parking lot to your advantage.

Most people try to get a parking spot as close to the building as possible, but if you want to be active throughout the day, this is not the best strategy. If you park at the back of the parking lot, you’ll have to walk across it to get to the office building, giving you the chance to be a little more active than you normally would be.

If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to make time for the gym. Fortunately, you don’t have to. By incorporating little activities into your day, you can be more active and reach your health goals.

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Young couple exercising with dumbbells at home.

Woman holding a bottle of water and riding an exercise bike

Tired of spending big bucks on your monthly gym membership? If so, then you might want to trade in your membership for the convenience of an at-home gym. Even if you’re limited on space, there are some tips you can follow to create a functional workout space in your own home.

Choose a Compact Cardio Machine

A cardio machine is a must-have for anybody looking to increase endurance, improve heart health, or lose weight. Unfortunately, cardio machines can also take up a great deal of space. This is where selecting a compact version of a machine (such as a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical) can work to your advantage in a small space. Specifically, look for something that can be folded up and stored elsewhere when not in use.

Opt for Dumbbells and Barbells

Gym woman strength training lifting dumbbell weights getting ready for exercise workout. Female fitness girl exercising indoor in fitness center. Beautiful fit mixed race Asian Caucasian model.

Weight machines are convenient, but they also take up a lot of room, making them difficult to incorporate into a small space. Instead, consider investing in a set of dumbbells and/or barbells, which take up significantly less space and can be just as effective at building muscle. Not to mention, whereas a weight machine only targets a specific set of muscles, dumbbells and barbells are versatile enough to target just about any muscle group you want to work on.

Take Advantage of Vertical Storage

Finally, be sure to maximize floor space by utilizing creative vertical storage solutions in your home gym. For example, if you opt for a set of dumbbells, be sure to purchase a shelf on which to stack them and keep them off the floor. Likewise, consider installing shelving on the walls of your gym space for storing resistance bands, yoga mats, water bottles, and other gear.

By following these tips, you can create the perfect home gym to suit your needs. And you just might be surprised by how far even a little bit of square footage can go in helping you achieve your fitness goals!

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Group of fit women working stretching leg muscles of back to warm up at gym fitness, sport, training and lifestyle concept

At first glance, gym membership may seem cut and dry: you show up, you work out. Simple. Well, it’s not. You have only to spend a week or less in a gym to recognize all the decorum breaches that happen everyday. It’s hard to hide your annoyance when one person hogs a machine or makes loud grunting noises while doing bench presses. Follow these do’s and don’ts to avoid being that girl in the gym.

Fitness woman sweating. Beautiful sport girl with towel and sweat looking at camera tired exhausted and sweaty after gym exercise / photo set of sporty muscular female brunette girl wearing sports clothes over white background


  • Do bring a towel or sanitizing wipes and clean up your mat or machine when you’re finished. Keep it real, no one wants to lie in another person’s sweat.
  • Do follow your gym’s protocol. Whether that means limiting your time spent on machines to 20-30 minutes or always signing in at the desk, just do it and everyone wins.
  • Do rotate with other patrons while lifting. If you see others waiting to use strength training equipment, work out a rotation so that each of you can get your lift on without one person having to wait an eternity.
  • Do minimize noises. If you grunt or occasionally shout out absurd phrases during a strenuous exercise, keep other patron’s in mind. Also, no matter how good your gym playlist is, no one else wants to listen to it or, worse, listen to your off-key sing-along.

retro vintage gym shot - people running on machines treadmill


  • Don’t stare. People go to the gym to work on themselves and frequently view the activity as intimate. Don’t make other patrons feel uncomfortable by holding looks for too long.
  • Don’t leave the restroom a wreck. Clean up after you shower and place towels in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Don’t advise others on proper technique. No one wants to be lectured about fitness procedures or have a complete stranger try to physically correct their form. If you see someone doing a technique that may be dangerous, alert the gym staff.
  • Don’t arrive late for group classes or personal training sessions. Respect the time of other’s and get there on time.


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