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Fitness Glossary

What is Isokinetic Exercise? 

It’s a type of strength training that uses a special machine to measure the amount of force a person can generate. The machine can have a variable resistance, but it allows people to exercise at a constant speed, regardless of the level of resistance throughout…

Beauty Glossary

What is Strobing Makeup? 

Strobing is a highlighting technique that uses light shades of makeup to focus on the best features of your face, while maintaining a natural-looking effect. The technique is named after strobe lights because the idea is to illuminate your face and make it look like…

Brian from Traverse
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Ninja Warrior Training: A Q&A With Brian Kretsch of Traverse Fitness 

We recently interviewed Brian Kretsch, trainer and manager at Traverse Fitness, a Ninja Warrior gym in Richmond, California. You’ll find the same daunting (and iconic) obstacles inside Traverse that you’d find on the American Ninja Warrior TV show, from the Warped Wall to the Salmon Ladder. Brian knows them all very well. He is one of only two ninjas to compete…

Young pretty girl with flying ginger hair enjoying winter day in park

How to Combat Oily Hair This Winter 

The dryness associated with winter can wreak havoc on your hair. Although this usually causes fly always and dry locks, it can also be difficult for those of you with naturally oily hair. If this is the problem you most often deal with, the following…

Woman combing tangled hair

Biosilk: The Secret to Smooth Hair 

If you battle frizzy, dried out hair on a daily basis, there is one product that you should not be living without: BioSilk Silk Therapy. This magic formula, made from real silk, is the answer you have been searching for to control that frizz once…