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You Can’t Afford Not to Have an Online Store in 2021 

Consumer data for the year overwhelmingly reports that COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of online shopping. That means that your business needs a clear view of how social media-savvy customers will be making purchases in 2021. In this post, you’ll see how some Vagaro businesses are using their online store to diversify their business, earn more money from online sales, and appeal to changing customer preferences.


Boost Holiday Sales with Vagaro’s Free Social Media Templates! 

Let your customers know that the online store for your small business is ready to do the jingle bell rock all the way through the holidays! Whether they’re looking for contactless gift certificates, something unique for curbside pickup or they want something shipped to their loved ones, let them know that your small business is ready to be their one-stop holiday solution. And best of all, instead of shopping with an impersonal online megastore, their purchase dollars go directly to support the businesses of their community.


Three Tips for a Happier, Healthier Thanksgiving 

The holidays are a sedentary time that can take a toll on your wellness and your waistline. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American consumes around 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving— now that’s a lot of extra food! If you need tips to help cope with overeating and inactivity over the holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving, keep reading!


Rack Up Online Retail Sales This Season – Here’s How 

Online shopping has only intensified during the pandemic, where many people feel more comfortable shopping online than in-person. There’s no arguing with the convenience of online shopping – but wouldn’t you prefer they shopped your online store, instead of a big chain retailer? Read on to find out how you can take back your industry’s retail sales and bring in more passive income for your business!


Cyber Monday 2020 Tips for Small Business 

In a year that’s been defined by online shopping, how can small businesses make their Cyber Monday sales stand out in the crowd? In the previous posts in Vagaro’s three-part seasonal marketing series, you’ve learned how to build momentum with your Black Friday campaigns and how to use it to bring in more Small Business Saturday shoppers. Now we’ll show you how to bring that momentum forward for Cyber Monday — keep reading to learn how!


Score More Shoppers for Small Business Saturday 2020 

As 2020 winds down, end-of-year sales are more crucial than ever for small businesses who’ve been hit hard by pandemic closures. To maximize your sales, you’ll need to plan carefully for this year’s extended retail holiday. Vagaro’s 3-part series teaches you how to target Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday and how to work the three retail holidays together to generate more sales. Read on to learn how to attract more holiday shoppers to your online shop for Small Business Saturday!


What to Expect for Black Friday 2020 

Black Friday isn’t cancelled, but it’s sure going to be a different experience in 2020. For small businesses, it’s vital to maximize your sales this season to offset the losses of the year and to make sure that 2021 starts strong. In this blog series, you’ll learn how to build on the momentum of Black Friday and extend it to Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. In this first installment of our 3-part series, we’ll explore how to compete with big retail outfits, market your tempting seasonal sales, and rack up some extra holiday cash!


Schedule a Great Pre-Holiday Salon Staff Meeting with the 5 W’s 

The 2020 holiday season is approaching faster than you might think! Although the rush might play out differently this year – make no mistake, you’ll still be balancing a customer rush! In any kind of job environment, the key to a successful team is your communication. Scheduling pre-holiday team meetings can help your holidays go off without a hitch. In order to do this, let’s use the 5 W’s: who, what, where, when, and why. Then, we’ll show you the final step – the one “H” that makes scheduling your staff pre-holiday meeting a snap: how.