No beauty conversation can happen without India. It is known that the Asian region is ages ahead in beauty innovation and technology, but what about beauty traditions that have been passed down for generations? There are beauty secrets from the Middle East and India that have withstood the test of time and still is used for modern practice for a reason.

Turmeric Powder

Did you know it has the power to fight acne, prevent the growth of facial hair, can prevent under arm hair, and can even fight dark circles and wrinkles? Turmeric is a spice that originates in Southern India and has been a popular staple since its discovery. Many women have reported noticeable results within weeks of applying turmeric in past form.

Black Pepper

Another inexpensive spice with multiple uses, black pepper has been a major Indian export since ancient times. With the ability to fight aging and acne, while exfoliating and detoxifying the skin, black pepper may just be the remedy you are seeking. Finely powdered black pepper mixed with honey is said to be a very powerful tool to balance complexion.

Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame seed oil is believed to have many magical powers from healing inflammation to preventing hangovers. As a moisturizer, it even has the propensity to heal abrasions. Containing Vitamin A and B, sesame seed oil lessens damage done to skin while also bringing out a youthful, shining glow– a fantastic alternative to other, less powerful creams and butters you may be already using.

Even though these ancient beauty traditions have been successful for centuries, it’s always a good idea to consult your physician or dermatologist about taking on remedies that are unfamiliar to you.